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Have A Little Faith, Sleepy Hollow “Deliverance” 

Photo Credit: Fred Norris/FOX
Photo Credit: Fred Norris/FOX

Reunited and it feels so good. Or does it? In tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Katrina are reunited once again following a rather nasty run in with Moloch. Well, not so much a run in as Moloch trying to pull a Vigo the Carpathian move from Ghostbusters 2 and get himself all reborn on Earth through a demonic implantation of Katrina. Considering she already gave birth to the Horseman of War, it’s probably not too far off for Moloch to assume she could carry another demonic spawn.

To back up a few steps, Henry, unbeknownst to Abraham aka Headless, releases a demonic little spider that crawls down Katrina’s throat while sleeping. First off, ew ew ew. Pretty much my worst nightmare. Ever. Not surprisingly, the little demon arachnid starts to poison Katrina, who assumes Abraham is in on it. Only when Henry and his henchman show up to take her away does Katrina realize Abraham had nothing to do with it. She goes as far to scream his name in terror for help as Henry carts her away. Abraham expertly throws that huge battle-ax at one of her kidnappers and Katrina manages to get away.

Let’s just pause there for a minute. Henry and Abraham are on the same side. Yet Moloch is pulling Henry’s strings and leaving Abraham out of the master plans. Abraham draws a line here and puts Katrina above his master’s grand scheme. Through the episode, Katrina and Ichabod debate if Henry can be saved and if they can plead with his human side. But after seeing Abraham move against Moloch to save Katrina, you have to wonder whether it’s Henry or Abraham who are going to break rank against Moloch first.

As an aside, I’m still against the Horseman, Ichabod, Katrina triangle. I mean, come on. He’s the Horseman. Just…

Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX
Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX

Un-pause. Ichabod and Abbie find Katrina and do the necessary research to figure out what’s going all dark and streaky in her stomach. Surprise! It’s Moloch hoping to be reborn! While Abbie follows some of Henry’s henchmen (WHERE is he getting all these guys?), Katrina and Ichabod have some catching up to do. For example, she fills him in that she can communicate with Abraham via her pendant, to which Ichabod reveals a little jealousy. His trust in her has been shaken considerably following her admission that she witnessed Mary Wells falling to her death. (Check out episode “The Weeping Lady” for more on that.) His trust is so damaged that when it’s revealed Katrina is actually pregnant, he doesn’t immediately believe that she hasn’t been coupling up with Abraham during those long nights held captive. Oooohh harsh, Ichabod!

Though most of the episode’s focus is on whether or not Katrina and Ichabod have faith that their son can be saved, you have to wonder on their faith in each other. Katrina has already proven she has lied to Ichabod a number of times and Ichabod is starting to question if his wife is truly the woman he has believed her to be. It seems the more he questions Katrina, the more he is adamant to Abbie that they need to put their partnership first. He has been putting his faith in Abbie, which means how much will be left for Katrina when things get down to the wire?

But back to the battle to keep Moloch unborn. Katrina and Ichabod believe that their son is still somewhere deep down in Sin-Eater, Moloch minion Henry. Ichabod, hoping to appeal to Henry’s compassion for his parents, pleads for him to choose them over Moloch. To no avail, as Henry’s is furtively Team Evil. But now Ichabod is a little more entrenched in rescuing Henry’s soul. It’s a decision I have a feeling we’re going to see week after week as the battle builds. Will that faith prove Ichabod’s undoing? Can Henry actually be saved?

Ichabod figures out that Benjamin Franklin had a prism that harnessed the Aurora Borealis and could be used to stop Moloch from rising. Calling in the cavalry in the form of Sheriff Reyes and Sleepy Hollow PD, they raid Hellfire Club’s bunker and nab the prism. With seconds to spare, they stop Moloch and save Katrina’s life. Ichabod and Katrina share a passionate kiss, to which Abbie politely excuses herself from the room, feeling the odd-man out.

Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX
Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX

Things to Note from “Deliverance:”
• Well played, FOX, to add in Ichabod’s dismay at the lackadaisical attitude Americans take on voting. Considering Election Day is tomorrow, the hint was about as subtle as a rock. (But still highly amusing to see Ichabod create a list of suggestions for Abbie.)
• It’s revealed that Irving is in the same facility as the man who put his daughter in a wheelchair. With a slight prodding from Henry, it doesn’t take much to push Irving to the edge and almost kill the man. Irving’s a pawn of Henry’s, plain and simple. At least Abbie and Ichabod know about it now.
• I missed the slowly gathering motley crew we’ve been meeting. Fingers crossed for more Hawley and Jenny next week.
• While Ichabod and Abbie swore to take the offensive against Moloch this year, it seems all they’ve been doing is chasing after whatever mischief Henry has been dropping on them like demon bombs. They’re not so much preventing Moloch from rising so much as reacting to his efforts along the way. I’ve been waiting for it to all come together, which I’m sure will be somewhere around fall finale time.

Watch Sleepy Hollow Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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