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Once Upon a Time “Breaking Glass” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand
Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

The Snow Queen has been holding out on us and her display of power this week has me intrigued. She clearly has more magic than just power over ice and snow. She can transport herself like Regina and she has the power to free Sidney from his mirror. This would be a difficult task considering that Regina is a particularly powerful adversary; it should take an equivalent talent to undo her spell. She also shows the depth of her gifts when she makes a life-like Anna from nothing but ice. You’d think Elsa would be able to see through the illusion being someone with similar gifts, but she doesn’t, or perhaps simply doesn’t want to. I can’t help but wonder if the Snow Queen had training in magic. Regina had the Dark One to teach her and Emma proves how hard it is to learn on her own. So who trained the young Sarah Fisher?

Flashback to 1998. Tween Emma meets Lily, who tactfully saves her from getting busted for shoplifting. Lily claims to be a foster child but is really a runaway. Her star birthmark and the fact that she crosses Emma’s path at a crucial moment indicates that we likely have not seen the last of her, but where that storyline is going is a mystery.

The video that Emma took with Lily all those years ago shows us that the Snow Queen has had eyes on her for a long time. She wants to claim her as a sister, but has a strange way of going about it. She was at the foster home sixteen years ago, but was that a short stop on a fact-finding mission, or has she lived in this world all that time? If so, why hasn’t she aged? It seems to me that the easier plan to build her family would have been simply to adopt Emma, but apparently a daughter doesn’t meet her familial needs. This search for a sister reinforces the idea that the Snow Queen’s real sister, Elsa and Anna’s mother, was the one who trapped her in the urn. The fear we saw during Elsa’s childhood had history behind it, and it’s safe to assume it originated in her mother’s own youth.

I feel a little bad for Will Scarlet. He seems to be trying so hard, but can’t catch a break. Maybe if he quit drinking he’d be able to function better. At least now he has a mayoral pardon, maybe he can finally find his way back to Wonderland.

Moment of Goodness: Emma shares

Emma’s emotions were showing clearly when she pulled out the box from her childhood. When Hook stopped by I thought for sure she would close him out and opt for a little personal time. It was a pleasant surprise to see her choose to share, knowing what was in the box. The photo of Neal was a very nice touch and their reaction to it demonstrates an unexpected strength in their growing relationship.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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