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Mike Tyson Mysteries Series Premiere Preview [Interview, Video, Photos] 

Mike Tyson Mysteries Series Premiere Preview [Interview, Video, Photos]
Photo Credit: Adult Swim

Adult Swim’s Mike Tyson Mysteries is a new quarter-hour animated comedy from Warner Bros. Think Scooby Doo…on an ’80s-style acid trip. It stars the voice talents of none other than the former heavyweight champ himself, Mike Tyson. Joining him for all the vocal fun is Community star and Oscar winner, Jim Rash, who plays a ghost; MAD‘s Rachel Ramras, who voices Tyson’s adopted teenage daughter of Korean descent; and SNL alum Norm Macdonald, who plays a man trapped in a pigeon’s body (Don’t ask). Together the oddball gang solves bizarre mysteries while singing songs about bird sex and fighting off chupacabras. And that’s only half the fun. The other half is listening to Tyson butcher the pronunciation of chupacabra.

Photo Credit: Heather Konkoli/TV Goodness
Photo Credit: Heather Konkoli/TV Goodness

To promote the premiere of this series that trips down memory lane while simultaneously journeying into entirely new territory, Jim Rash and Mike Tyson sat down with writers and bloggers to discuss the show.

What were your thoughts when they first came to you with this idea for the show?

Mike Tyson: Get outta here! I didn’t understand it. I didn’t know what Adult Swim was. I thought it was a bunch of old senior citizens, old rich white dudes that swam in this exotic lake. But my wife explained to me the cartoons and that you could curse and stuff, and I thought that was pretty cool. In the early stages I was apprehensive about it. I didn’t know how this was going to turn out – until they showed me the footage. The footage is awesome! Then I really wanted to participate.

Jim, how did you get involved?

Jim Rash: There were friends involved because (Executive Producer) Hugh Davidson and I came from Groundlings, and Rachel Ramras who plays Yung Hee is also a writer. So I wanted to work with friends — number one and Mike Tyson — number two. And I grew up in the ’80s and watched every cartoon including the ones that sort of inspired this. On Saturday morning I didn’t go outside. I just sat in front of a TV. That’s why I’m pasty.

Mike, what would we be surprised to learn about Jim Rash?

Mike: You would be surprised to know that he controls the English language like it’s a servant to him.

Jim: And I announce that each time we record – that I have master control of my voice and the English language.

Mike: And I just butcher the English language.

Jim, what would be we be surprised to learn about Mike?

Jim: When we had the opportunity to be in the same room, it was wonderful to see another side of him as a performer. And he works well with an audience there which I attribute to his boxing and being on stage.

Mike, how much of the animated Mike Tyson is based on you in real life? We already know you actually have an affinity for pigeons.

Photo Credit: Adult Swim

Mike: In one episode, I get paralyzed with fright in the car because people are yelling and screaming at me. Um, I’m not a good driver. I pay attention, but I take up two lanes sometimes.

What do your kids think about you being in a cartoon?

Mike: My five-year-old daughter said ‘Daddy, you curse too much.’ And I say, ‘It’s paying for your toys. How’d you get that Barbie dream house in there?’ She said, ‘Keep cursing.’

Jim, are you inspired to work out – working next to Mike Tyson?

Jim: Yeah, he insists that we do a set of burpees and yoga before we record. It stretches out your lungs and your joints.

Mike, you’ve gone from one of the most famous boxers of all time to doing your own one-man show, and now you’re an animated character. Tell us about reinventing yourself.

Mike: I’m a fighter. My perception of my ability to fight is to be entertaining. When people see me perform or fight I want them to say when can I see him again? I try to bring that whole energy, dynamics into my life, into Mike Tyson Mysteries, too. I don’t know where it comes from. Sometimes I try to analyze it. Does it come from low self-esteem and wanting to achieve? Or this is just what I really love to do? I always call myself an underachiever who achieved highly. That’s just what I am.

Jim, is there a lesson you’ve learned from working with Mike?

Jim: If you f–k up the first chapter of your life, then you fix the second one. I’ll take that with me.

Mike Tyson Mysteries premieres tonight at 10:30PM ET/PT.


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Photo Credit for Images: Adult Swim

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