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The Walking Dead Preview: “Four Walls and a Roof” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: AMC
Photo Credit: AMC

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Is everyone still rattled from that totally messed up ending of last week’s episode? Poor, poor Bob. We knew he was doomed as soon as he got cozy with Sasha, but man, that is a heck of a way to go out. Prepared, roasted and eaten all while you are there and forced to watch. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

For those who are not familiar with the comics, this is a storyline straight from the comic book series, the only difference is Dale was the one captured and half-eaten by the Hunters. I’m not sure how much they will follow the comics, but one thing I think you can safely bet on is Bob not surviving the ordeal. Also, judging from the “new” Rick we saw in the season 4 finale, you can be sure that no matter what happens justice will be served Rick Grimes style. Whether all of this goes down in Sunday’s episode remains to be seen.

And what about this Father Gabriel? We don’t have all of the pieces of the puzzle yet, but it looks like the Father is only alive because he barricaded himself in his church and locked everyone else out, including his entire congregation. And judging from the below promo, it appears Rick finally gets him to spill on his past. How will Rick react and what will he do? Will he let Gabriel into the group, even though he’s proven to care about no one but himself?

Episode 5.03 of The Walking Dead is titled “Four Walls and a Roof” and airs Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.



Sneak Peek #1:

Sneak Peek #2:

Inside Episode 5.02 The Walking Dead: Strangers


Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: AMC
Photo Credit: AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Photo Credit: AMC
Photo Credit: AMC

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