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How to Get Away with Murder “We’re Not Friends” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth
Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

This week’s episode of HTGAWM was riveting, jaw dropping and had its fair share of OMG moments, and that was just the first ten minutes. Sam admits that he did send those pictures to Lila but he didn’t love her. He explains that the affair was only for six months. It’s revealed that Sam was married before and cheated on his wife with Annalise. While Annalise is fighting with him, she asks if he would leave her for Lila like he did with his other wife for her.

The case this week focuses on a young man who shot and killed his father. Annalise and her law students have to defend him and try to persuade the jury that the boy’s cop father used to beat the mother, and that this was self-defense. The father’s police buddies give testimony explaining what a great guy he was and how he could never beat his wife or do the things his son is claiming he did. Laurel keeps a scorecard of the jury throughout the episode so she has an idea of how many might say their isn’t guilty. When Laurel realizes the team doesn’t stand a chance, she leaves the nullification paperwork for one of the jurors to find. That paperwork is then shared with the rest of the jury. The case is suspended because the jury had been persuaded, the young man doesn’t go to jail and the case is dismissed.

Annalise is angry knowing that one of her students caused the case to get dismissed. Frank sees Laurel plant the paperwork for the juror but doesn’t tell Annalise. Laurel and Frank argue about the mistrial and eventually hook up; Laurel stops herself and explains she has a boyfriend. Laurel then goes to the library and finds her boyfriend and hooks up with him.

The flash-forward to murder night this week features a scared and nervous Laurel running to Frank to help her hide the trophy. (Murder weapon) The law students are in the woods when Laurel’s phone keeps ringing. The others are surprised to find out it’s Frank that keeps calling her. She admits she’s been sleeping with him. (Meaning they get together in the future!)

This insane episode ends with Wes looking for Rebecca only to find out she skipped bail and is gone. He calls her and she explains how she doesn’t know if she can trust him or Annalise, especially Annalise because of the wallpaper. Confused by Rebecca’s accusations, Wes confronts Annalise and finds out that it is, in fact, Sam who’s in the pictures on Lila’s phone. Bonnie goes to Annalise and reveals how she got the video of Rebecca’s confession. Annalise is extremely angry that Bonnie went to the police station behind her back and did this. There will definitely be tension between these two next week!

Moment of Goodness: Frank and Laurel getting together. They are so great for each other. Sure, she has a boyfriend but they work really well together and they clearly have a lot of chemistry. This is definitely not the last time we will see them together.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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