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How to Get Away with Murder “Lets Get to Scooping” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth
Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

“7 weeks earlier” flashed on the screen in the beginning of this week’s episode and things only heightened from there.

It’s revealed that during interrogation, Rebecca confessed even though she claims she didn’t do anything. She explains that she confessed because she wanted to go home and they told her they would let her go if she did. They didn’t and instead set her bail at a million dollars. Annalise gets the bail down to one hundred thousand near the end of the episode. She plays a video of Rebecca’s confession to the judge and it’s visibly clear that she was being persuaded into confessing something she didn’t do. Rebecca even goes on to tell Annalise that Griffin said he would pin it on her, which leads us to believe that he definitely played a part in Lila’s murder.

Elizabeth Perkins plays Marren Trudeau, someone who had a mole in her company and hired Annalise to work the case. That prompts Keating to get her top students to sneak around the office and see what secrets they can dig up on who might be leaking the information. Turns out it’s the employee she’s closest to, the one she’s known all his life. Connor Walsh tried to get information from him only a few days earlier and gets more then just information — in the process he cheats on his sort of boyfriend, Oliver.  When it’s revealed that it’s Marren’s closest employee, he jumps out of a window on their floor, killing himself.

We also see Detective Nate Lahey outside of the Keating’s home after hours. Sam goes outside because he thinks someone’s looking to steal his car, but it turns out it’s Lahey spying on Annalise. If only he knew Lahey wasn’t trying to steal his car, but instead steal his girl.

Rebecca talks with Annalsie about the phone and about how no one other then Wes knows about it. Rebecca trusts Wes now and Annalise plans on using that to her advantage. The episode ends with a chilling scene where Viola Davis’ Annalise Keating slowly removes her makeup and awaits the arrival of her husband. She then asks the most haunting question of the night, “Why is your penis on a dead girls phone?”

Next week we’re definitely in for some more jaw dropping moments. The reveal that Sam’s penis is on the phone of a dead girl is huge and I think that absolutely has something to do with him being murdered. I wouldn’t be surprised if Annalise has some part in his murder.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth
Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

Guest Star Goodness

Elizabeth Freakin Perkins. Although I will always adore her for her role as Susan in Big she has been in so many great productions. Celia Hodes from the Jenji Kohan series Weeds is one of my favorite characters of all time. Seeing her in this week’s episode of HTGAWM was such a treat! Hopefully she will come on the show for another episode or two.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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