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NYCC 2014: Sleepy Hollow EP Talks Abbie and Ichabod [VIDEO, PHOTOS, INTERVIEW] 

NYCC 2014: Sleepy Hollow EP Talks Abbie and Ichabod [VIDEO, PHOTOS, INTERVIEW]

WARNING; Sleepy Hollow spoilers

New York Comic Con is a thing of the past. But don’t worry. TV Goodness was there to capture as much of it as we could. The FOX series, Sleepy Hollow, was also there.

Photo Credit: Eric Reichbaum/FOX
Photo Credit: Eric Reichbaum/FOX

Fans were treated to a fun NYCC panel that unleashed a few spoiler-ish goodies including an upcoming SH where Ichabod discovers karaoke. In a couple weeks, there will be a yoga scene.

Photo Credit: TV Goodness
Sleepy Hollow EP Mark Goffman w/ SH star Sakina Jaffrey Photo Credit: TV Goodness

We also hit the press room where we talked to Sleepy Hollow creator and executive producer, Mark Goffman. He teased what’s ahead for the Abbie and Ichabod friendship. Right now, things are good between them. They have complete trust in each other. Something’s bound to come along and mess things up a little bit, right? Right. It’s interesting to hear what Goffman has to say about family being pitted against duty.

Photo Credit: Fred Norris/FOX

Tonight on FOX, the fourth episode of Sleepy Hollow season two airs at 9/8c.

Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX
Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX

Synopsis for “Go Where I Send Thee”: Ichabod and Abbie encounter a demonic pied piper.

In the episode (another good one by the way), we find out a little more about Abbie and Jenny’s past and the new guy (played by Matt Barr) is back for another round. Plus, keep an eye out for a mighty big revelation that probably won’t shock you, but it’s still a huge development. It’s something that scares the you-know-what out of us.

Sneak Peek

Photo Credit for All Images: Brownie Harris and Fred Norris

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