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Quick Takes: Christian Slater and EPs Matt Thompson and Casey Willis Talk Archer Season 6 [NYCC 2014 VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: FX
Photo Credit: FX

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

If you loved Christian Slater‘s guest star turn last season, I’ve got good news: he’ll be back for season 6. TV Goodness attended the press room at NYCC and he told us how he got the job, his role on the show this year and his favorite moment so far. We also got a lot of really good intel from executive producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis. They tell us about the challenges of writing and producing a long-running animated series, Abijean’s first mission and Archer’s (disastrous) meeting with Lana’s parents, voiced by CCH Pounder and Keith David.


Christian’s favorite scene so far and why he likes playing an animated character:

Christian teases his season 6 appearances:

EPs Matt Thompson and Casey Willis tease season 6:

Season 6 of Archer returns in 2015 on FX.

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