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Quick Takes: Archer’s H. Jon Benjamin and Aisha Tyler Talk Season 6 [NYCC 2014 VIDEO] 


Warning: Spoilers Ahead

This baby is gonna be trouble. Hilarious trouble. But I love that Lana’s a mom now. It’s something she’s chosen for herself and is committed to. But how is being a mother going to affect her day job? And is there anyone at the office Lana can actually trust with Abijean? Archer, on the other hand, is woefully unprepared. He had no idea he was Abijean’s father until Lana had the baby and I can’t imagine he’ll be any good at being a parent. This could be so good for him but, quite frankly, it’ll be funnier if taking care of this baby drives him into a blind panic. I’m not convinced Archer’s even equipped to take care of another human being. He can barely (and by barely, I mean not at all) take care of himself, but I can’t wait to see him try.


Season 6 of Archer returns in 2015 on FX.

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