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Quick Takes: Adam Reed, Jessica Walter and Judy Greer Talk Archer Season 6 [NYCC 2014 VIDEO] 


Warning: Spoilers Ahead

As (I hope) you already know, the upcoming season of Archer is a return to form – they’re back in the spy business – but also wildly different since Lana and Archer are now parents. How will a baby change the office dynamic? Will Abijean Kane-Archer go on any missions? Will Archer actually start caring about someone other than himself? How is Malory taking to being a grandmother? What name is Cherlene going by this season?

TV Goodness participated in the Archer press room and got a lot of great intel straight from creator/EP Adam Reed and stars Jessica Walter and Judy Greer.


Season 6 of Archer returns in 2015 on FX.

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