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NYCC 2014: Series Star Tom Everett Scott and Co-Creator/EP Craig Engler Discuss Syfy’s Z Nation [VIDEO] 


Warning: Spoilers Ahead

All sorts of good stuff happens in this week’s “Home Sweet Zombies.” I don’t want to give too much away, but I was in the press room at NYCC and I asked both Tom Everett Scott and Craig Engler about the episode as well as what’s coming up later this season. They were hesitant to give us any details because almost everything they could’ve discussed is apparently a spoiler. But we did manage to get them to spill a little.


Tom Everett Scott on the evolution of his character since the pilot, his friendship with Harold Perrineau‘s Lt. Hammond and what having him on the show meant and working with Kellita Smith‘s Warren:

Tom Everett Scott on what’s coming up for Keith Allan‘s Murphy and Anastasia Baranova‘s Addy:

Craig Engler on why he wanted to make a TV show about zombies:

Craig Engler on his preferred weapon of choice, should there be an actual zombie apocalypse:

“Home Sweet Zombies” Preview:

Want to know more about tomorrow’s episode? The group ends up in Warren’s hometown of Castle Point, Missouri. There, we get a pretty good picture of what her life was like before the zombie apocalypse. The group is forced to seek shelter as a storm approaches and in the chaos, Murphy goes through a sort of metamorphosis and some strange things start happening to Addy.



All images courtesy of Syfy.

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