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Fusco, the Sharp-Dressed Man, Person of Interest “Wingman” 

Photo Credit: John Paul Filo/CBS

Ever since the season three finale when everything blew to hell, the entire atmosphere has been doom and gloom on this show. Even after progress was made when the Machine led Finch (Michael Emerson) to the mother of all hiding places down in the third rail, the situation still seemed so depressing. Given that, I think it’s high time the team has a little bit of fun, don’t you?   And, who do you think turns out to be the life of this episode? Oh, yes, none other than sharp-dressed ladies man Lionel.

The Machine seems to be back in her groove of sending numbers, and this week’s it’s Andre Cooper (Ryan O’Nan), a professional social liaison AKA a “wingman” for men who have trouble picking up the ladies. In normal circumstances, the plan of attack would be to send someone undercover as a client, and that someone usually is Reese (Jim Caviezel). But, remember, Cooper is a wingman, and as Shaw (Sarah Shahi) so correctly pointed out, a better choice might be “someone with more people skills and less hair gel.” Yep.

So for this case Lionel (Kevin Chapman) is it, and he seems so thrilled about it. As soon as Cooper walks into the room and spots Lionel, that “Oh. My. God” look on his face says it all, and we know this case is going to be awful but also so damn funny.

Okay, your friend, Harold. He bought you a 2-day package. This is more like a 5-day situation, possibly even 7 days — Cooper to Fusco

After one insult right after another, Fusco is about ready to walk out, but Cooper talks the smooth talk and is able to convince Lionel to give it a shot. With that, the next stop is a shopping mall to clean his mess of a client up.

As the classic ZZ Top song said, “Cuff links, stick pin, when I step out I’m gonna do you in.” While Fusco admittedly does look pretty sharp in his new wardrobe, he still doesn’t see the point and so, Cooper gives his first lesson on women:

This is silly. Who wears cuff links anyway? — Fusco

Have you noticed when a woman does her hair up nice for a date or puts on that hot dress just for you? Do you think they like wearing 4-inch heels? They probably hurt like hell but they do it because men like it — Cooper

I never really gave it any thought — Fusco

Yeah, we know, Lionel. But he’s starting to listen to his wingman, and off they go to the real test — a couple of mixer events where Fusco can try out his new look and his new skills.

Photo Credit: John Paul Filo/CBS

Of course, the entire thing turns out horribly. Lionel talks too much and even spills a drink on one woman. Total disaster. But, not all is lost because the threat on Cooper’s life finally does show his face. It turns out to be his former business partner, Mickey, who he ran a shipping business with before he quit and became a professional wingman. Apparently, Mickey was involved in a plot to make a container of weapons disappear, and he had heard that the DA was talking to Cooper about the incident. Obviously, Cooper was going to rat him out, and so, he had to be eliminated. Of course, he’s completely wrong and Cooper didn’t say a thing, but he’s too paranoid to believe a word of it.   Fusco and Cooper are left in their own shipping container to die, but fortunately Shaw, Reese, and even Bear show up to save the day. Lionel ends up saving his life, and Cooper gains respect for the man that he was so quick to ridicule just earlier that day.

This episode by far was the Fusco show, but even so, there was a smaller storyline involving Root (Amy Acker) and Finch that deserves mentioning. Last week, Samaritan sought out recruits by sending them on a mind-bending scavenger hunt. The Machine demonstrates she has a sense of humor and responds by sending Finch and Root on her own version of a scavenger hunt, leading them deep into the Latvian mob. The punch line ends up being Root knee-capping them all and making off with their arsenal of weapons as well as their horde of cash. I think the Machine just solved Harold’s problem of not being able to access any of his funds or purchase any weapons.

Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros.
Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros.

Okay, Ms. Groves, what are we going to do with a missile? — Harold

I’m sure we’ll think of something — Root

The episode ends on a high note with all of our characters in good places. Finch has his endless funding source again, or at least close to it. Reese closed three homicide cases in one day and makes both he and Fusco look good to their new captain. And, even better, Fusco was able to get a date, and so the wingman thing wasn’t all for nothing.

Person of Interest airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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  1. MByerly

    My favorite part was Finch as “Egret” doing a Reese impression to show what a bad ass he was.

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