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The Knick Preview: “Get the Rope” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: Mary Cybulski/Cinemax
Photo Credit: Mary Cybulski/Cinemax

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Things are definitely changing at The Knick. We are so curious to see how everyone will react to Thackery officially (and finally) accepting Edwards as his number 2. We predict big problems with Gallinger. Not only is he still going to be mourning the loss of his child, but to be so totally usurped at work? Mostly, we can’t wait to see it. A teeny, tiny part of us might feel just a little bit sorry for him. We’re sure that’ll go away as soon as he says something racist.

On the Cornelia front, we hope she continues to find satisfaction outside of her upcoming nuptials. Part of us hopes something will happen to stop this wedding. Phillip seems ok, but we don’t love that he assumes she’ll stop working after their marriage and we hate that he didn’t even tell her about their upcoming move to San Francisco. Of course, his behavior and thinking isn’t surprising for the time. We just don’t like it. And we also want Cornelia to stay as far away from the elder Showalter as she can. He’s all kinds of trouble.

Episode synopsis, from Cinemax:

The stabbing of a cop by a black man stirs up racial tension on the street and in the Knick, forcing Thackery and Edwards to take action. Everett returns to work and a changed OR; Barrow fears for Junia’s (Rachel Korine) safety; Cornelia is impressed with Edwards’ ingenuity; Lucy is escorted home.

 The Knick airs Fridays at 10/9c on Cinemax.



Clip 1:

Clip 2:


All images courtesy of Mary Cybulski/Cinemax.

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