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The Voice Season 7 Preview [INTERVIEW] 

Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC
Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC

The Voice returns tonight on NBC. Season 7 introduces two new coaches into the mix: Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. Let’s just say these two newbies are a welcome presence. We’ve already seen tonight’s episode and don’t mind saying that they help take this show to a whole new level.

For us, what separates The Voice from other talent search TV shows isn’t just the competition that exists among the singers. There’s a competition that happens with the coaches, too. Now that Gwen and Pharrell are on board, the competition is fiercer, funnier and way more intense. Tonight’s episode is one of the best season premieres this show has ever aired. Hands down. We had no idea the Blind Auditions could get any better. But they did.

Here’s a big confession: Every season we start out Team Adam. Every season. After watching the premiere, we’ve decided to remain uncommitted. We’re just going to sit back and enjoy the musical madness and mayhem. Because these four are super competitive and that makes for super entertaining TV.

We’ve already given you a sneak peek of what to expect. Now let’s talk about each individual coach and what they bring to the big chair. Plus, find out what they have to say about each other.


Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC
Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC

What We Have To Say

It’s clear Adam realizes he needs to be bigger and better this season in order to compete with the new guys. Expect a lot of Adam being perched on his chair as high as he can get in hopes the contestants will see how much he truly wants them for his team. It’s cute. And hilarious. We’ll see how much of an effect it’ll have on the singers.

What Pharrell and Gwen Have To Say

Pharrell Williams: “Adam is like, you know, a wordsmith, and he’s the guy that’s joking, and he’s going to poke fun, and he’s not going to allow you to sort of sit still. He’s going to keep you going.”

Gwen Stefani: “He is so inappropriate, and I have been in a band for my whole life, and I know inappropriate. He’s just to another level.” Adam: “I set new bars for inappropriate.”

Pharrell: “I knew Adam before. We knew each other, and we talked, but like I didn’t know him in this way that I know him, and like I knew he was a good person, but an amazing person is how I would define him now.

What Adam Has To Say about The Addition Of Gwen And Pharrell

Adam Levine: “Blake and I have been so lucky. You just never know what the chemistry is going to be like when people come in. It’s been really great. It’s been amazing, and it didn’t have to be that way, but it was. And then these guys came in, and it was almost kind of instantaneously we all just kind of congealed like, wow, this is working. Amazing. One of the fastest — the chemistry was so quick with all of us and immediate, so I wasn’t afraid of anything. I was really, genuinely excited.”


Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC
Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC

What We Have To Say

Gwen has so many factors going for her. She has the cool factor. She has the girl factor. She has the fashion factor. And she has the veteran factor. In the premiere she is proud of saying she’s been at this longer than any of the other coaches. You can see she relishes getting to play this role of a mentor. And she’s going to work her magic in order to win these singers over.

What Pharrell Has To Say

Pharrell: “You have Gwen, who is like the queen of awesome, obviously, and her way with artists is just as amazing.”

What Gwen Has To Say About Being The Lone Female Coach

Gwen: “I love it. And I was nervous because it’s one thing to be in the boys’ club with guys you have known since you’re 16 years old, but to walk onto this platform with these guys that have been doing it already and not knowing them, I was freaked out a little bit but — and I know Pharrell, but I don’t know Pharrell in this context. We would go in the studio, and I would be like, oh, my God, Pharrell. Like he’s so rad. It was like these short little sessions, and we would write songs, and then I wouldn’t see him and maybe see him at an award show or something, but this is different. I was nervous about that, too, but it’s been so great and so fun, and I feel so lucky, and there’s only one girl chair, and I got to sit in it. I can’t believe it.”


Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC
Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC

What We Have To Say

Honestly, because Pharrell is the producer on the panel and the critique he offers the singers is always delivered so eloquently, it’s hard to bet against him. He has a way with words and he manages to remain cool, calm and collected all while giving great advice that you know the contestants will never forget.

What Gwen and Adam Have To Say

Gwen: “Being around someone like Pharrell is like a gift. He just has such a big heart. He gives away so much of himself. He’s perfect for the show, and he’s perfect for these kids because he’s very nurturing, and he’s very, very generous with himself, and I just like being around that energy. It’s been magic for me being here.”

Adam: He’s so talented, Pharrell, that he writes the kind of songs that you know when you hear something, you hear a song and you start humming the tune when you walk away — his songs are so crazy that you don’t even need to hear it to start humming it. You can just be in the middle of your day and you could have heard the song five years ago was the last time you heard that song, and you’ll just be like, “Beautiful,” and like that’s how catchy and memorable they are. That makes me angry as a song writer, but also very envious. I’m proud of this man’s talent.”

What Pharrell Has To Say About His Coaching Style

Pharrell: “I don’t know what my style is except for just sort of reading the moment as well as I can and seeing — it’s mostly just like an observation. It’s sort of like reading a feeling of everything that’s happening at that moment because there’s a lot of variables when someone is performing, and half of it has to do with them. Some of it is the song selection. Some of it is the time of day; how many days you’ve been doing it. There’s so many factors. You just try your best to sift through all of it to get to those essential points, those elements that can actually be helpful, try to find some anecdotes in there somewhere, and provide as best you can.”


Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC
Photo Credit: Art Streiber/NBC

What We Have To Say

Blake Shelton is just this lovable, down to earth coach that has a powerful weapon on his side: his three Voice wins. Both he and Adam are quick to mention their multiple turns as The Voice champions. But this guy has the ability to not just earn contestants who are country-centric. His charm combined with his success on this show always make him a strong contender for any singer who walks up onto that stage.

What Pharrell Has To Say 

Pharrell: “Strategy is one thing, but this guy has stratagems, which is actually a word, and he really does. I mean, his way of competing is awesome because he’s just being so genuine the entire time. It’s literally who he is on and off the camera, and his ability to sort of peer into an artist and see their best…I mean, it’s the voice, and then there’s the thing that you have, and he just spots it. I’m definitely envious of that quality of his. And he’s competitive with it because he’s like super funny.

What Blake Has To Say About Going Into A Season With A Set Strategy

Blake Shelton: “Season 4 I purposely did that setting out with a strategy of trying to put together a bunch of country artists. There’s no way to do all country artists because you still have to hit your button and fill your team up with people you believe in, but I definitely was a little more lenient towards country artists that season just because one time I wanted to go, you know what, I’m going to find a country artist, and I’m going to win this thing, and I did that with Danielle Bradbery. I mean, I couldn’t do it again. That was just lucky, you know. I don’t think there’s any way to really do that and be honest because you have to react to these people that are singing behind you just like you do when you react to your radio in your car. You know, if you hear something you like you turn it up, and if you hear something you don’t like you change the station. That’s kind of how it is sitting in the chair except, you know, you’ve got to not hurt their feelings.”

This is going to be a great season, you guys. The creator of The Voice agrees, of course. He feels the coach chemistry is going to be one of the things that will compel you to watch.

Mark Burnett: “Watching these four all day, every day is an amazing experience, and it’s the same when we’re in the truck, when we’re on the stage, or when people are watching at home. It’s like an inviting, fun experience. I think that’s what The Voice really is.”

The Voice season 7 premiere airs tonight at 8/7c on NBC. And then the action continues tomorrow night at 8/7c.

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