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TV Goodness Teaser: Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose Talk Season Five [INTERVIEW Part 2] 

Photo Credit: Steven Wilkie/Syfy
Photo Credit: Steven Wilkie/Syfy

[Warning: General spoilers in the article.]

We’re here! We’re here! Season five of Haven premieres tonight! ICYMI, part one of our press call chat with Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose is here. In part two, we talk about Bryant’s directorial debut, savoring every moment of the season, and potential for additional seasons.

Going into this super-sized (or two-part) season, the cast and crew are aware this could be *it* for the show. The longstanding camaraderie between Bryant and Rose was evident as ever as they teased each other about being “a damn good team.”

When Rose laughed that Bryant bolts as soon as he can at the end of every day, he responded with, “I run away and then I sit on your porch and wait for you to come home so I get to hang out with you guys.”

Rose finds that she’s more philosophical about letting the little things slide now because they might not be working together someday. She adds that Bryant is the more blasé of the pair, telling her they will be acting together until they’re 80 because they’re contractually obligated.

“Emily has been reminding me every day to be thankful for her,” he points out. “We’re doing her close-up and she’s like, ‘Just take this in…because someday you’re going to be looking across the room and this face may not be there…and you’re going to think back to all of it…'”

Rose clarifies that she’s not totally sentimental every day. “We’re trying to make a good show and care about it a lot and so we get in the ring and…fight for our characters,” she says. “But I’m constantly looking around the room at our crew and getting sad [thinking], ‘Oh, wow, they ordered 26 episodes. This really might be the end of the line.’ These are our friends. [We’ve] been up here for five years…there have been weddings, there have been babies, there have been all kinds of stuff, so it’s a tight family.”

Photo Credit: Steven Wilkie/Syfy
Photo Credit: Steven Wilkie/Syfy

They both still hope the show can continue after these 26 episodes. Bryant recounts something he’s said previously, about Nathan’s trusty ride. “When when we were first up here and I was introduced to the Bronco, I got in it and I remember saying, ‘You know, after season eight, I’m buying this thing.’ And everybody sort of laughed and shook their heads like that was a completely ridiculous thought,” he recalls. “Now here we are [and] by the end of this [year] we’ll have…six seasons worth of material out there. [Statistically] it’s outrageous. We’re very lucky and blessed to have been supported this long…I would be honored to be able to go for double digits.”

Rose adds that the fans will help swing the show’s fate. “It’s really the fans that determine that for us 100%. We’re a cable show…I have no doubt that if it relied on chemistry and [relationships alone, a renewal] wouldn’t be an issue. But because it’s based on numbers and ratings and all of that stuff…it will be interesting to see how the fans…turn out for these next couple of seasons and then to see how the networks respond to those numbers.”

“And obviously if we don’t continue on Syfy…we live in a day and age where shows get canceled and picked up again all the time. So we all are kind of holding our breath to see [whether] this is the end. We don’t know…[or] is it the beginning to just a different chapter of it,” she wonders.

Bryant is readying to make his directorial debut on an upcoming episode, and he and Rose are sort of giddy at the prospect. “I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I don’t know why, but I keep asking him [questions like], ‘So what are you doing in director land today? How was prep? What’s it like? What’s going on? Have you heard anything? Do you have your script yet?'” says Rose. “He’s going to be awesome.”

“She doesn’t even have a clue what I have in store for her. I am going to take these years of biting my tongue [and] it’s all going to come out,” he teased. “[It] is going to be like Christmas morning actually. I do have lots of…plans for every day presents really. [It’s] been something that I have wanted to do for a long time and talked to these people here about maybe making that possibility a reality. And thankfully it just finally kind of worked out this season.”

“[I’ve] been shadowing directors as much I could over the past number of years here and seeing that side of production. And…everyone has made it work out for me and it’s coming soon,” he adds. “We’re going to get right into it when we come back from hiatus. I don’t know exactly what the episode I’m doing is going to be like, but I have some ideas and so far [it’s] hugely exciting, totally inspiring…I’m jazzed.”

Rose adds that she takes orders from Bryant every day anyway, so it won’t be any different. She also recalled working with guest star and guest director Jason Priestley. “Lucas has a lot to live up to,” she says. “As much as I want to slam him, he’s going to do great and I’m super-jealous. [Our] crew here is incredible and to be able to learn from this DP, Eric Cayla, that we work with, and to be in the grateful hands and loving arms of a great crew that loves us and [that] wants Lucas’s episode to be so fantastic…is just going to be a lot of fun. Lucas’s shining and winning personality will come…and save us all.”

Rose would like to direct at some point but citizenship requirements prevent her from doing that on Haven. “I was different from Lucas in that…I think the minute he started Haven, he had it in his mind that he would want to direct it…I started Haven with no desire to direct at all I think maybe just because I didn’t quite fully understand all that it was,” she explains.

“And then as the show has progressed…I found out very quickly I really want to direct. [I] have a very specific take on when I read a script how I feel like it should be executed or what I feel like it should look like and I just soon discovered that that’s a director’s brain. [I] don’t know when I’ll get to do that in the future and I’m working on it. [Haven] has given me is the opportunity to work and be around and stand next to some really great, great directors…and to learn a lot from them and to be around the camera crews and just soak it all in. So I’m really hoping that whenever that opportunity presents itself it will be with a family as lovely as this one and I hope that’s sooner rather than later.”

For folks who have wondered whether The Colorado Kid (played by Bitten’s Steve Lund) will return, they couldn’t commit that we will actually see him this season, but Rose says he’s not abandoned. “It is definitely a piece of the discussion,” she says. “It’s always a fiber to the magical rug that is Haven,” adds Bryant.

Haven kicks off season five tonight at 8/7c. Check out our preview here. You can catch up with a daylong season four marathon beginning at 8 am/7c.


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