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Satisfaction Preview: “…Through Revelation” [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network
Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Only two more episodes this season, and things get intense tonight. We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at “…Through Revelation.”

Episode synopsis, from USA Network:

This week’s penultimate episode of Satisfaction is a tense, emotional rollercoaster that picks up immediately following Simon’s confession to Grace that Neil has known about their affair.  Before Grace can confront Neil about the revelation, however, the two find themselves unexpectedly hosting Mateo’s parents for an evening as the kids pitch a plan for their future together that requires their parent’s financial help.  Taking place almost entirely in the Truman home and scripted like a play, the evening’s drama plays in real-time as even more shocking secrets are revealed.  During the final act, an original song sung by Anika and Mateo plays as revealing counterpoint as we watch our characters struggle to decide what’s next for themselves and their relationships.

Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network
Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network

Want to know more about the music?

The original song, “Come Clean,” was written by Anne Preven. Co-founder of Pulse Recordings, Anne is a Grammy and Oscar nominated songwriter who has successfully written for some of today’s biggest artists including Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus.

The song was vocally produced by Josh Gudwin, another award-winning talent who has worked with such artists as Justin Beiber, Pharrell Williams, Celine Dion and Rhianna.

Sean Jablonski, the creator/showrunner of Satisfaction and a musician himself for nearly 3 decades, strove early on to make Anika’s connection to music and her identity as a musician an integral part of the show. To that end, there have been pivotal points during the first season where Anika’s songs have managed to expose hidden truths that the characters around her have refused to acknowledge (most notably the talent show in the pilot). Using music as another form of storytelling has always been a passion and a priority for Sean and offers another way for the audience to connect to the characters.

Despite the polished performance Michelle delivers onscreen, her talent as a singer/songwriter has been mostly developed throughout this first season. In fact, when early auditions for the role of Anika demanded that actors bring in a guitar to prove they could sing and play, Michelle borrowed a neighbor’s guitar (having never played) and nailed an audition by singing a simple song.  That natural talent has blossomed over the first season and is now on full display with “Come Clean.”

Leon Thomas, on the other hand, is an accomplished actor/musician with a Broadway background who currently has a record deal through Columbia Records.

This is the fourth song Anne has written for the series, but represents the series’ first full recording that will be available on iTunes and Spotify during and after the broadcast.

Satisfaction airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network.


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