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Graceland Preview: “Echoes” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Jeff Daly/USA Network
Photo Credit: Jeff Daly/USA Network

There are only two episodes left in Graceland‘s second season, which has brought a lot of darkness, intensity and more darkness. Don’t think tonight’s episode is going to be any exception.

Synopsis for “Echoes”: Even as the agents bait their final hooks against the Solano Cartel, it dawns that Sid (Carmine Giovinazzo) may still have a few tricks of his own.

Photo Credit: Jeff Daly/USA Network
Photo Credit: Jeff Daly/USA Network

Needless to say, what we’re most anxious to find out about is how Charlie is going to handle the secret that Briggs is Odin. Will she tell Mike? We honestly have no clue. Anything can happen and that’s what’s so great about this show.

By the way, we got a look at the photos for next week’s season finale. And not only are they mighty spoiler-y. They are a bit scary. You guys will have to see for yourself. It has us wondering what they’re not showing us. And that scares us even more. Even though it means it will be the end of the season, we’re very much looking forward to seeing how the show wraps things up.

And, again, this better be an end to the season, not the series. A renewal needs to happen. It’s definitely on our TV wish list.

Graceland airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

VIDEO from “Echoes”

Photo Credit for Images: Jeff Daly/USA Network

Graceland - Season 2 Graceland - Season 2

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