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Legends Preview: “Betrayal” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Doug Hyun/TNT
Photo Credit: Doug Hyun/TNT

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Martin’s already back undercover – much to the dismay of Agent McGuire and even the deputy director of the FBI – as international arms dealer Dante Auerbach. They’re trying to take the nerve agent VX out of play, even though Morris Chestnut’s Agent Rice threatens their entire operation by putting Martin under surveillance. Kidnapped chemist Richard Hubbard and his family are safe, but by the time McGuire’s team showed up to the warehouse in last week’s episode the VX had been moved. Will they make the deal in enough time to prevent mass casualties? Our gut says yes.

Episode synopsis, from TNT:

The Colonel and Ana Paulanos are captured by DCO when they sell Martin a briefcase of VX that turns out to be bogus. In response, one of The Colonel’s followers releases real VX on a crowded bus, threatening more attacks if The Colonel and Ana aren’t released. As a last resort, Martin stages a pulse-pounding “false flag” prison break of The Colonel, and with Ana’s help, forces The Colonel to lead him to the VX. Time will tell whether Martin can trust Ana to betray The Colonel and help him find all the gas before more civilians are killed.

Legends airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on TNT.


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