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The Strain Preview: “Creatures of the Night” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: Michael Gibson/FX
Photo Credit: Michael Gibson/FX

Okay folks, this s**t is about to get real.  And we thought last week’s episode was the best. Well, if you’re ready to be scared out of your pants with some serious vampire-slashing action, you’re going to love this one.

Next to Mr. Quinlan’s introduction, this is the episode I’ve been waiting for. Chuck Hogan, co-creator of The Strain trilogy, wrote the episode and discussed it last month at SDCC.  It’s the bottle episode that he wanted to do from the very beginning, where the majority takes place entirely in a convenience store, with widespread panic and vampires coming in from everywhere (for The Walking Dead fans out there, it kind of reminded me of the season one department store episode “Guts”).

It’s also the first time Abraham’s Army of vampire hunters meet up with some of the other main characters, including fan favorite Vasily Fet (Kevin Durand). Remember Vasily’s little discovery of ultraviolet light being deadly to the strigoi? Well, Setrakian and Vasily finally get to compare notes and armed with this new weapon, does Team Setrakian now stand a chance in what appeared to be a hopeless fight?

Episode 1.08 of The Strain  is titled “Creatures of the Night” and airs on Sunday at 10/9c on FX.


Chuck Hogan Discusses the Episode at SDCC


All photos credited to Michael Gibson and FX.


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