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Satisfaction “…Through Terms and Conditions” 

Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network
Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network

I was thinking about what “terms and conditions” we all sign up for when we get involved with someone. Are there things about our partners we know are non-negotiable, so we deal with them or maybe even embrace them? Are there things that are deal breakers? At what point should we be explicit with our partners about what behavior is forgivable and what is not? Of course, it all starts with Lawrence and his wife fighting in their yard, and apparently this isn’t the first time.

Lawrence doesn’t seem at all worried about Renee’s return. In fact, he’s looking forward to the make-up sex. In the meantime he’s a bit of an unwelcome house guest at Neil’s place while Grace and Anika are out of town on a college visit. Neil was supposed to accompany them, but Victor needs to see some progress on his Happiness Project, so he’s got to stay behind and work on it. Or, that’s the plan. But Lawrence invites himself and a bunch of his friends over. He needs some guy time and it may as well be at Neil’s. Neil keeps making half-hearted attempts to kick them out, but gets serious after Lawrence finds Dylan’s photograph of Grace. When Lawrence and the rest of the guys are a little too vocal in their admiration of Grace’s assets, Neil finally snaps and orders them to leave.

He finds Grace at Truck Stop, one of their old stomping grounds at Rand, and his accusation makes her think he’s learned of her affair. That was an interesting moment, because you can see Grace starting to panic and maybe even starting to think of a way to deny and/or explain it. I didn’t love the part where Neil thinks she needs to ask for his permission before she poses nude (and I know he didn’t really mean it), but I do think they should’ve talked about it. Or that Grace should’ve told him. But that fight goes somewhere. They have sex and connect with each other. Maybe it’s a connection out of jealously, but it proves they’re both still fighting for each other and their marriage.

Other Developments

I guess Simon isn’t the marrying kind or, at least, he’s not the forgive-and-forget type when it comes to someone he loves. I like that Adriana warns him not to fall in love with Vivian. Both of those women are wise beyond their years.

I really like that Mateo is helping Anika challenge the status quo. I love that about him, actually. And they make some really nice music together. But I’m not invested in this relationship. It’s just missing something – a spark.

I wonder if Grace is seriously thinking about doing that mid-career fellowship in Milan. We learn that she gave up a Fulbright because she was in love and it definitely seems like she’s regretting that decision. Or just playing a serious game of “what if.” I think it could be good for her, but this is definitely something she needs to discuss with Neil. She doesn’t need his permission, but she should at least get his opinion.

What can be so urgent that Mallory has resorted to stalking Neil by phone? I mean, I think he should’ve answered her first call. But why is he so scared to talk to her?

Random Thoughts

The only thing missing from tonight’s episode – and maybe we’ll get it next week – is any sort of interaction between Neil and Adriana. I was fully prepared for some aftermath, but we didn’t get anything. Until next week (I hope).

Also, Stephanie and Dylan as a couple is just weird to me. He has so much more chemistry with Grace. I know, I know she’s not available (and I actually do want her marriage to work if that’s what both she and Neil want), but Grace does seem interested.

Satisfaction airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA.

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