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Who Do You Think You Are Season Finale Preview: “Minnie Driver” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: TLC
Photo Credit: TLC

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

We can’t believe it’s already finale time. We hope you’ve enjoyed delving into the personal histories of these celebrities as much as we have. This week, we discover more about About a Boy‘s Minnie Driver. We’ve been fans since Circle of Friends and we can’t wait for her NBC comedy to return in October.

Since the birth of her child, Henry, Minnie has come to realize how important it is for her to connect with who she really is. She had a bit of an unconventional family in that her father was married – just not to her mother – and had another family. She and her mother were her father’s “other family,” something she didn’t realize at the time. But she’s grateful that her father and son got a little bit of time together before he passed away, just over a year after Henry was born. Her journey starts in London, where she travels to talk to her mother and get more information about who her father was and what else he may have been hiding.

Episode synopsis, from TLC:

Minnie Driver unravels the deep family secrets her late father kept hidden. She discovers how the ravages of war nearly destroyed him, tracks down a long-lost relative for the first time, and forms an unlikely bond with an ancestor she never knew existed.

The season finale of Who Do You Think You Are airs Wednesday, August 27th at 9/8c on TLC.


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