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Who Do You Think You Are Preview: “Kelsey Grammer” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: TLC/Simon Fanthorpe
Photo Credit: TLC/Simon Fanthorpe

We know and love Kelsey Grammer from Cheers and Frasier and if we stumble across reruns of either of those shows, we always have to watch them. These days you can see him on the small screen in FX’s Partners with Martin Lawrence.

Raised by his grandmother Evangeline after his parents divorced, Kelsey discovers his “Gam” wasn’t raised by her parents either. And after the death of his sister, father and grandfather he became even closer to her. Curious about his grandparents, Kelsey meets a genealogist and sets off on his journey to discover more about his maternal roots.

Episode synopsis, from TLC:

Kelsey Grammer wants to understand more about the grandmother who raised him, so he sets out to learn the circumstances of her early life. He’s able to uncover the names of his grandmother’s parents, which he’d never heard before and finds out about the tragic cast of their lives. Pushing back even further, Kelsey then discovers that his three times great-grandparents and their twelve children were brave pioneers who journeyed the Oregon Trail in search of a new life and a fresh start.

Who Do You Think You Are airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on TLC.



All images courtesy of TLC/Simon Fanthorpe.

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