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Suits Summer Finale Preview: “This is Rome” [PHOTOS and VIDEO] 

Suits Summer Finale Preview: “This is Rome” [PHOTOS and VIDEO]
Suits - Season 4
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network


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The summer finale for Suits is already here. How did that happen? A lot went down in the first part of season four. Some thoughts:

-The Mike vs. Harvey story was really good drama but I am so invested in those two characters that when they’re not getting along, it’s painful to watch. So I’m glad they are at least working together again. But, for the record, I was Team Harvey. Sorry, Mike. I love you, too. But I love Harvey more.

-I am beyond ecstatic that Jessica actually got a love interest this season. I love me some D.B. Woodside something fierce so Jeff Malone was definitely a welcome presence at Pearson Specter. But Jessica and Jeff have some issues and I’m okay with that. It helps keep them interesting.

Rick Hoffman is the MVP of season four so far. Runner up would have to be Donna. But seriously, Louis Litt was my world this season. And that’s why it was heartbreaking when he fell on his sword and resigned from the firm. Just so Jessica and Harvey didn’t have to go through the pain of firing him. “Take care of my home,” he said in his letter. I about lost it at that point. There are many reasons why Louis was so awesome this season, more awesome than ever before:

  • The resignation letter.
  • Just wanting the respect he deserves. He fought for it. He made mistakes because of it but you can’t fault the guy for trying.
  • He didn’t try to sell out Harvey to save himself. Forstman [Eric Roberts] had him on the ropes. Many people might have thought that Louis would have turned on Harvey just like that. After all, Harvey is incredibly hard on Louis. But say what you want about Louis. He isn’t weak. And he doesn’t turn on his friends. And deep, deep, deep underneath everything, Harvey knows that he and Louis are friends.
  • Louis did finally get some respect. And so Jessica rewarded him — said he could have anything he wanted (short of renaming the firm Pearson Specter Litt). He chose to rehire Mike. Again, say what you want about Louis. He’s a good man.
  • Louis and Donna scenes were some of the best. I think that the show should pair Hoffman and Sarah Rafferty in even more scenes. The episode where Donna was in the play and he helped her run lines. And then she helped Louis overcome his stage fright was glorious. But that really was just the tip of the iceberg. The way Donna fought for Louis was a joy to watch. She would stand up to Harvey. And she even tried with Jessica. Loved it all.
  • The Louis / Katrina partnership was not only entertaining but it got me to like Katrina. And that really hadn’t happened yet. Now I’m in love with the fact that those two can count on each other through thick and thin.
Suits - Season 4
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

-I loved the fact that Meghan Markle got so much to do this season. She really brought it as a woman who has to balance work with school. And as a woman who had to deal with her past coming back to kiss her…I mean kick her in the you know what. Oh that kiss between Logan Sanders and Rachel was infuriating. But I am glad she kept it at a kiss. I loved how the show fleshed out the backstory of that relationship. It wasn’t completely predictable. Having said that, I’m still not sure how I feel about the kiss happening as well as Mike’s subsequent reaction. He had every right to be mad. I just feel like Rachel’s had to put up with a lot coming from Mike (like her not knowing about him being a fraud at first) that he could have been more understanding. I don’t know. I guess getting him back shouldn’t be so easy for Rachel. And I guess that I wish that the show had thought about a different obstacle to come between Rachel and Mike. Having it be a third party wasn’t my favorite way to cause drama for the couple.

-How many people have it out for Harvey? It always seems like the world is against him. It’s a wonder he even comes out of his apartment so many people are gunning for him. Is this his superpower? I actually wish that Harvey would get to do more than fend off one attack after another. I don’t know what else I’d like to see him do…just something different.

Suits - Season 4
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

-Donna and Harvey actually made love once. I don’t have any further thoughts about it. I’m just glad that Donna confessed this to Rachel. I continue to love Donna and Harvey and the way they are with each other. It’s one of my favorite reasons to watch the show.

Synopsis for summer finale “This is Rome”

Suits - Season 4
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

Harvey and Jessica take measures to protect the firm from an outsider trying to poach their clients, and Louis struggles to get his personal and professional affairs in order.

Seriously, does everyone have it out for Pearson Specter? If someone doesn’t want to take Harvey or Jessica down than they want to take over the firm or somehow figure out a way to hurt the firm. This episode seems like it’ll set up whatever goes on in the back portion of season four. I’m incredibly anxious to see what Louis’ post-Pearson Specter existence will be like. Will he go after Sheila Sazs? Will he be the outsider trying to poach clients? Who is Harvey going to get all cranky with now that Louis is no longer in the office? 

What do you expect to see in the summer finale? Suits airs Wednesday night at 9/8c on USA Network.


Photo Credit for all Images: Shane Mahood/USA Network

Suits - Season 4    Suits - Season 4   x Suits - Season 4 Suits - Season 4


Suits - Season 4

Suits - Season 4

Suits - Season 4

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  1. Heather M

    The thing with Rachel and Logan and Mike made me switch this from “appointment TV” to “watch it when I can,” and then I found that I’m not even watching the whole episode when I play it back.

    I may come back around to it down the line, but right now, I’m not feeling it.

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