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Moment of Goodness

The Last Ship “Trials” 

Photo Credit: Karen Ballard/TNT
Photo Credit: Karen Ballard/TNT

There’s a cure! Of all the things that happen on this episode— Cossetti’s funeral, the vaccine trial, news of a pregnancy— the moment when Dr. Scott tells Captain Chandler the good news is by far the most significant.

After a pretty intense few days, Dr. Scott is taking a few quiet moments of relief and exhaustion. Chandler comes asking if what he thinks is happening is really true. He’s already choked up after seeing members of his crew healing so quickly when he thought just recently that they were all going to die.

Chandler: “We have it… We have a vaccine?”
Dr. Scott: “We don’t just have a vaccine. We have the cure.”
Chandler: “You mean…”
Dr. Scott: “I mean that we can save people who are already sick.”

They both seem to try to contain their emotions, Chandler forcing back tears and Dr. Scott stifling a sniffle. It’s no surprise that it’s difficult for them to remain composed, especially after seeing so many of the crew suffer this week. Chandler wraps his arms around Dr. Scott and holds her close. For a moment, I thought they would kiss (and for real this time), but I’m glad they chose not to go there—at least for now.

Still, this was a key moment for these two characters. Chandler and Dr. Scott have had a trying relationship so far, filled with mistrust from the very beginning. Even in this episode, the other scientists seem to be skeptical and Chandler regrets having members of his crew test the vaccine when they all start falling ill. Dr. Scott even questions herself in this episode, so finding the cure also restored her confidence in herself. More than that, it means that everything the crew has been through so far, including losing a few of their own, hasn’t been in vain.

The scene fades out as we see Chandler’s eyes, and we can only imagine what he’s thinking. He’s hoping they’ve found it time and that they can save his family. By the way, there’s a good thing that there’s a cure, because from what I can tell, Chandler’s wife has let herself get infected and she just spread it to her two kids and her father-in-law.

Favorite lines:

Master Chief: “We both know we’re all needed. And we’re all dispensable.”

Tex: “Just like a good hangover.”
Chandler: “Ladies and gentleman, you’re entertainment for the next three days.”

Chandler: “When they tell the story of the great plague of the 21st century, they’ll talk about you. The six.”

The season finale of The Last Ship airs Sunday, August 24th at 9/8c on TNT.

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