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The Last Ship Preview: “Trials” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Karen Ballard/TNT
Photo Credit: Karen Ballard/TNT

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

There are only two episodes left of The Last Ship this season.

By the end of last week’s episode, things were looking up. Dr. Scott found the vaccine, the Russians were dealt with (for now, anyway) and Tophet’s family was rescued. But there’s trouble ahead as Dr. Scott tests the vaccine on the crew of the USS Nathan James. Will the vaccine fail? Will everyone just get sick from the virus instead?

Photo Credit: Karen Ballard/TNT
Photo Credit: Karen Ballard/TNT

Dr. Scott has been confident throughout the season, but finally hits a breaking point: “Who did I think I was that I could solve this?” I’m hoping we’ll find out a bit more about her character, since we’ll get to see young Rachel Scott in this episode.

And it’s been a while since we’ve seen Chandler’s family, but we’ll see his wife and children tomorrow night. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like things are going so well back home.

The Last Ship airs Sundays at 9/8c on TNT.


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