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Who Do You Think You Are Preview: “Valerie Bertinelli” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: TLC
Photo Credit: TLC

There are some really great surprises in this (and every) episode. We’ll leave the big reveals for you to discover during the broadcast, but it all starts when Hot in Cleveland‘s Valerie Bertinelli wants to dig deeper into both her mother’s and father’s ancestry. If her Noni was still around, she’d have so many questions for her paternal grandmother. Valerie wonders why she left Italy and wants to know more about her great-grandparents. And because her mother ran away from home when she was sixteen, Valerie knows almost nothing about her mother’s family. So that curiosity paired with the fact that her parents never really talked about their relatives sets Valerie on her journey.

Episode synopsis, from TLC:

Valerie Bertinelli embarks on a mission to learn more about her beloved Italian grandmother and discovers her grandmother’s mother, an incredibly strong woman who overcame great odds. But the biggest surprises are on Valerie’s maternal side, since her mother knows nothing about her own roots. Traveling to England, Valerie uncovers previously unknown connections to the Quakers, early Pennsylvania history, and even the British aristocracy.

You Do You Think You Are airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on TLC.



All images courtesy of TLC.

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