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Moment of Goodness

Olivia’s Killer Revealed, Hit the Floor “Winner Takes All” 

Photo Credit: VH1 Networks
Photo Credit: VH1 Networks



Ok, the Hit the Floor finale is over. Olivia’s killer has been outed…at least to the audience.


The person who killed Olivia is…German.

While I think German may be one of the most expendable characters of the series, I also think that making him the murderer is a great move. It makes sense. He intercepted Olivia’s envelope that was meant for Ahsha. And whatever was in it, didn’t need to come out as far as he was concerned. He is super protective of his on-again off-again on-again girlfriend. And now that we know he is a murderer his relationship with Ahsha gets that much more interesting. That she could be with a person and not know what he’s truly capable of…and not know what he did in order to protect her…is scary. I’m totally on board with this development. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out next season. And I’m excited to see how Jonathan McDaniel is going to play it as well.

What did you guys think of the killer’s identity?

Now let’s go over the rest of the episode starting with two of my most favorite moments of “Winner Takes All.” I’m going to call it…

The Evolution of Derek and Jude

Is it just me or did these guys show some maturity and growth? And I loved every bit of it.

After Terrence clinched overtime for the Devil’s, Derek stepped up and helped his team win the championship. He’s the MVP. And he’s not looking to sabotage anything right now. In fact, he realizes he let Ahsha go too easily and he makes the decision to fight for her. He also makes another decision: to get rid of the excess baggage his mom really seems to be. When they’re supposed to be celebrating his win together, she wants to introduce her son to some greedy SOBs who are looking to capitalize on Derek’s end-of-the-game heroics.

Derek: I  just had the moment of my life and all you care about is how you can make money off of it. Not money for me, money for you. That’s all– that’s all I am to you is dollar signs.

Derek’s Mom: That is not true.

Derek: And all I do is kept giving it to you. More and more, just to keep you coming back. More…more…more money, more things. You don’t love me. You never have. You never will.

Derek’s Mom: Derek, you are hurting my feelings.

Derek: You don’t have feelings. Someone did. A great girl who loved me. And I screwed it up. I screwed it up because I didn’t think I deserved her. But I know now that I do. I might be messed up in the head, I might make a million mistakes but I deserve her. Who I don’t deserve is you. Goodbye.

That’s what I call an Oprah Aha Moment right there. Derek has become a better man throughout these two seasons. Jude has an Aha Moment of his own when it comes to Zero, who’s pretty much down and out since he isn’t the one to be the Game 7 hero. That entire locker scene was riveting TV. And I’m so proud of Jude. He’s showing he has depth. I wasn’t sure he had that in him. But he does. He calls Zero on his crap. Basically tells him he has these walls up because he doesn’t want anyone to see the real him. That he doesn’t even know himself. Brent Antonello did an amazing job. Here’s a little bit of what is probably my Rewind and Repeat Moment of the finale, meaning once I finished the episode, I immediately hit rewind to rewatch that scene.

Jude: I’m mad. Mad at myself, mad at this situation. Mad that I need something from you. Mad that I can’t get it. Most of all, I’m mad that there’s nothing I can do about any of it.

Zero: Where are you going? You’re my agent.

Jude: I’m done setting for percentages. Percentages of my father. Percentages of you. I want it all and I can’t stick around waiting for it.

Zero: Gideon.

Jude: What?

Zero: That’s my name. Gideon.

Jude: I would love to take Gideon on a date. To a public place. And listen to him tell me exactly who he is. If you want that, give me a call sometime.

What a thoroughly satisfying moment. And I think that Zero aka Gideon is starting to show he has a bit of depth to him too. At least I hope he is. Although I want him to keep his edge. I love that he’s the bad boy. But I also feel he and Jude could be good together. I hope they’re able to withstand whatever obstacles come their way next season.

A Rundown of the Rest…


Thanks to Sloane getting back some of the evidence that was stolen from her, Oscar’s behind bars for the death of Mia. Of course, Lionel and Jelena engineered Sloane getting it back. So now Lionel’s in charge of the Devils. Jelena got Sloane to fire Ahsha. And the police are investigating whether Oscar had a role in Olivia’s death.

Sloane and Pete

The whole Raquel asking Pete to marry her to save her from being deported was a non-issue for Sloane and Pete. And I’m so thankful for that. How cute were the two working together at the wedding? I’m glad these two ended the season together. Although Sloane is really going to have to watch her back. She’s made some enemies.


Poor Terrence. He makes it to the championship game. And he’s integral to the success of the team. But he also pays the price. He’s down for the count and off to the hospital where Jelena shows up by his side. I love that she supports him. I love even more that she didn’t get in his way after she found out his secret. She knows he had to continue playing despite the threat of a career-ending injury. I have to say whatever happens with Terrence, at least he knows he put it all out there on the court. And at least he and Jelena are together.

The Kyle/Raquel marriage proposal scene was fun but I want to see what they’re going to do with that in season three. Loved that Joe Lando from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Higher Ground was playing the dirty detective. Also, was that Ray Wise that married Lionel and Oscar? What did you guys think of the season two finale of VH1’s Hit the Floor?

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  1. Liz

    U got ur episodes all mixed up!!

    Yes – German is the killer, the rest is old news.

    Also what about being Captain Obvious here that Raquel is dying at the same time Jelena is all preped up to take her baby. Cliche much. You skipped that part entirely. You are writing random bs on here.

    1. Tina Charles

      This is an old article. This is a recap of the Season 2 finale. This doesn’t have anything to do with the third season.

  2. lolita

    This is just unbelievable Hit the floor is the best tv show ever. i never expected German to be a murderer.

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