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Finding Carter “Throw Momma From the Train” 

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

She she stay or should she go? What I’ve loved about this show from the beginning is that there are no easy answers. I hoped it would be a difficult decision for Carter to leave. I hoped she’d be conflicted enough to give this huge decision some serious thought. Going with Lori would’ve meant no contact with her friends or family ever again. Lori got them Russian passports, so I’m assuming she had a plan to get them out of the country. And staying? It wasn’t something Carter seriously considered. What is it that makes her stay? Maybe it’s that Lori made Carter celebrate the day she was abducted as her birthday. Maybe it’s that Max tells her they can’t be friends anymore if she goes. Maybe it’s that Taylor won’t ever be able to celebrate another birthday after she leaves. Maybe it’s because she’s getting to know her real family better and although it’s far from perfect, she’s starting to want this life.

I’ll admit it, I like it when Taylor gets feisty. She grew up in the shadow of her sister’s abduction, so she’s had to play it safe, had to wait to experience so many things. So when she’s upset enough to tell Carter how she really feels, I like it. Someone needs to be that voice of reason for Carter, especially since there’s no way Carter can see both sides. She’s wanted to be with Lori for so long, how can she consider any other future? But Taylor’s make her voice heard and I’m loving it. She knows that id Carter disappears again it’ll be a disaster for their family. And she’s not above using emotional blackmail to get Carter to stay.

On the other hand, Carter’s friends have a different reaction. They’ve been supportive of Carter’s reunion with Lori for a while. So while they’ll be sad to see her go, they are genuinely happy that Carter’s doing what she thinks is best for herself. But maybe they’re being too supportive, because Carter doesn’t appreciate that they’re starting to talk about her in the past tense. And Crash isn’t upset at all because he thinks he can tag along.

When Carter decides to talk to David, it’s such a huge deal. She gives him the address where Lori is waiting as well as the emergency burner phone. He tells Carter he’ll take care of it, but doesn’t tell her how. He’s got this, though. He tells her he’ll use the Dad code. Despite David’s hurt and anger and whatever else he’s feeling about the affair, he decides to talk to Liz. He tells her that Carter chose to stay with them. And even though they know where Lori is, Liz can’t be the person to arrest her. She’s not ready to damage her relationship with Carter like that. So David calls Lori and tells her Carter won’t be coming. I didn’t quite expect their exchange to go like it did, so I definitely have questions. Was there something going on between Lori and David when Carter was abducted? Why does she know he’s such a horrible liar? There’s clearly more to that story that I can’t wait to discover.

Speaking of affairs, let’s talk Liz and Kyle. Joan isn’t the least bit fazed that Liz is having an affair. In fact, she encourages it. She thinks David’s a loser and is happy to be Liz’s alibi whenever she needs one. Grant and Gabe also find out during their pity party. So that’s two more people – both children – who are now in the know. But is Liz really, truly ready to end things with David? If that last scene is anything to go by the answer is no. But what happens when he’s exposed for a liar as well? I know he feels pressure to provide for his family, but what happens when Carter discovers his betrayal? It’s gonna be so bad. And such good TV.

Finding Carter airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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