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Teen Wolf “Time of Death” 

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

I like the plan the gang comes up with. In order to draw The Benefactor out and discover his or his identity, Scott and company decide to fake his death. Once they inform The Benefactor and try to get paid, they’ll them him/her they can’t get visual confirmation. They figure that will draw this person out into the open and they’ll finally be able to identify who put the dead pool together.

In order for this plan to work, Kira uses her gift with electricity to slow Scott’s heart enough to make him appear dead. The machines at the hospital can’t pick up a pulse, so Liam’s father pronounces it. Chris Argent helps them tap into the hospital’s surveillance cameras to monitor every single person who comes into the hospital. But when one of the transformers on the roof is purposely damaged, they start to lose their video feeds. Kira and Liam go to investigate and find a Berserker. When Kate shows up, Chris goes so far as to pull a gun on his sister. But she assures them she isn’t The Benefactor. They won’t let her take Scott’s body though. They have a plan.

In the end, even thought the plan doesn’t work they still get a little bit of information. Scott asks Kira who has the power to know when someone is dead, but doesn’t need to see the body to know it happened? A Banshee. And it just so happens that Lydia discovers her grandmother was a Banshee. Lydia thought her grandmother died at Eichen House, but she’s not so sure of that anymore, especially when her mother gives her a note her grandmother wrote just before she died. It’s code. The code the dead pool was in because the gang found the cipher keys.

Other important information

I didn’t realize Scott was number #1 on the dead pool, but that’s because I wasn’t paying attention. He is worth the most money so he is technically the most important kill. I think it’s kind of nice that Peter’s relieved Scott’s not dead. Strange and weird, but nice.

Both Malia and Peter want to find out who Malia’s mother is. As we already know, that particular memory was taken from Peter by his sister. But he was able to use a little bit of his stolen fortune to discover some information. He’s just has a name: Desert Wolf.

Scott has noticed changes within himself since the quarantine. He’s got more fangs, he’s evolving. His views on killing may also be changing, if his “dreams” while he was almost are any indication.

All of Derek’s super senses have been compromised. He claims he can still win a fight, but Braden easily outmaneuvers him after she challenges him to arm wrestling. As she repeatedly disarms him as he tries to draw a gun on her, he “cheats” and distracts her with a kiss. I don’t know who I feel about those two getting together. I’ll reserve judgement for now.

Scott’s dad wants to have a talk when he gets back from San Francisco. He wants to know how Scott and his friends are handling everything that goes down in Beacon Hills so well. That will be one very interesting conversation. I can’t imagine Scott’s ready to come clean with his father.

Random Questions

The Mute, The Orphans and The Chemist have tried and failed to kill Scott and his pack. Who’s next?

Mountain ash can exert control over werewolves and other supernaturals. I guess it doesn’t affect Banshees, but why would Lydia’s grandmother have it in her urn and why is the lake house made out of it if she’s not using it for some nefarious purpose? Lydia’s grandmother has a lot to answer for when we find out why she faked her own death and discover where she’s been hiding all these years.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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  1. I

    I still think Peter is the Benefactor. His name isn’t in the list. He claimed he’s the one that activated Lydia’s Banshee powers. How could he have paid for the info on Malia’s adoption when all the bearer bonds where stolen -unless Scott gave back the money retreived from The Orphans. We know he’s not above killing his own family because he off’d Laura in season one. Kate clearly stated that wasn’t their handy work. Peter has always been about the ultimate power. How much more powerfull could he be than being the only supernatural in Beacon Hills?

    Because of what Jeff Davis said at Comic-Con we know we haven’t seen the last of Danny; so what role does he play in all of this? Also, because of behind the scenes pics that have surfaced, we know Colton Hayes was hanging around the set while Season 4 was being filmed, so how is Jackson involved?

    We know each third of the dead pool contained 12 names, but the second list didn’t show a 12th name. So, was that on purpose?

    Random: Mamma McCall’s scream when she was told Scott had “died” gave me chills. It was a little too real for me… brought flashbacks from a dark time in my life back…

    1. TV Goodness

      Love your thoughts. Definitely gives me a lot to think about. I also believed Mamma McCall’s cry of anguish. I had no idea she was in on it until she went to the morgue. Melissa Ponzio is amazing.

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