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Hit the Floor Creator James LaRosa Teases a Shocking Finale [INTERVIEW and VIDEO] 

Hit the Floor Cast
Photo Credit: VH1 Networks

Warning: Spoilers for Hit the Floor Finale, “Winner Takes All”

There’s good news and bad news for fans of VH1’s Hit the Floor. The bad news: tomorrow night is the season two finale, which means we’re about to hit a big hiatus. Good news: the show has been renewed for a third season so it will be back. Some more good news: it sounds like the finale is going to deliver some huge shocks.

Hit the Floor is one of my favorite Summer Shows of 2014. It’s juicy, addictive, unpredictable, features great dance numbers and there’s an overabundance of hotness. What more do you need, right? How about some scoop on the finale straight from the show’s creator, James LaRosa? Good thing we have some.

I pretty much loved everything LaRosa had to say. Right off the bat he told us what to expect with the Who Killed Olivia story. He helped connect the dots with the Jelena passing off Sloane’s evidence against Oscar to Lionel situation. And he talked about one of my favorite developments of the season, the Zero and Jude relationship. It was a storyline I didn’t see coming and I’m thoroughly enjoying it now that it’s here.

On how many shocks we’re going to get in the finale

Photo Credit: VH1 Networks
Photo Credit: VH1 Networks

James LaRosa: First of all, a lot. We started out pretty shocking and so what we learned is that every episode kind of gets exponentially crazier. So by the time you get to 12 episodes later, it’s just one gigantic “Oh my God” after the next. Every week we sort of pull a random scene or two to send to press or to put on the website as a teaser. We really can’t do that at all for the finale, because every single scene is just like huge. I mean we have so many things happening, it’s all spoilers and crazy. So every character gets their fair share of drama. I’ll say that.

On Olivia’s murder

James: Nothing frustrates me more than a show that asks a lot of questions and strings you along and doesn’t answer anything. And I would not like that done to me. So I refuse to do that to other people. You definitely find out who killed Olivia. And I can tell you that it’s not random Joe Blo character. It’s someone that you absolutely know and I get chills every time I watch the reveal…and I directed it.

On how the Olivia murder mystery storyline paid off big time

James: Because of the Olivia mystery, we got to bring in characters like Jelena’s mother, Vanessa, played by Lynn Whitfield. So you got to learn her background. Jelena growing up in an abusive household. You learned also kind of the back story to Raquel, which you never would know, which is the fact that she’s undocumented and what that could mean. So the storyline was great in a sort of tantalizing way, but it also allowed us to get in deep with these characters that we care about and find out what really drives them and makes them tick. So it’s not shock-for-shock value, although it’s been wonderfully shocking. It’s allowed us to really get into who these people are.

The Jelena/Lionel Connection

James: I do this thing sometimes on the show…everything happens for a reason on Hit The Floor, even if it seems sort of minor and like whatever. If you pay attention, there’s something behind it and, in this episode that just aired [last] Monday, Lionel’s really upset [because of the miscarriage] and she comes from the ladies’ room and she slams into Jelena, and Jelena watches her go. Those two characters have never had a scene together on Hit The Floor and that’s the closest they come is a collision. And you sort of see Jelena looking after her and going, ‘Hmmm.’ And that’s where the whole thing kind of crystallized for Jelena and that’s why the evidence landed in Lionel’s lap. So what happens with that in terms of Lionel and Oscar and Sloane, I would say you have to watch. But nothing is to be expected, I guess, on this show. If it was, nobody would watch. Keep your eyes peeled.

On hooking up Zero and Jude

Photo Credit: VH1 Network
Photo Credit: VH1 Networks

James: The decision to put them together…basically we do things a little differently on Hit The Floor in that we write the entire season before we shoot it. I know what’s going to happen the final minute of the show before the first minute is even written. So I knew that before we started filming that Jude and Zero were going to hook up.

On why Zero and Jude ended up working

Photo Credit: VH1 Networks
Photo Credit: VH1 Networks

James: What I love about these two guys, the characters are…neither of them are particularly noble. Neither of them is a martyr. You’ve got one character in Jude who is trying to break people up for his father and is threatening Raquel with deportation because she is undocumented. And then you’ve got on the other side, Zero, who is our male Jelena, who is trying to get between Derek and Terrence, and he came to LA to basically take over the team and be top dog.

Neither of them was particularly rootable, but as soon as you put them together, suddenly the fans want them to have babies. They have a name. I don’t know if they’re…I think they’re Zude. I think we’ve settled on Zude. Maybe there’s Jero. I don’t know what their couple name is. But we introduced them as their own people so when they got together, it wasn’t shock-for-shock sake. It was based on something.

You have Jude who, all he wants is his father’s approval and never gets it, and it’s this very lonely kind of inward character. And then you have Zero, who is like buying him a Porsche and saying, ‘Thanks for standing by me.’ Giving him that attention and that pushes Jude and that in turn pushed Zero, and the fan reaction has been…I’ve had people say…women were like, “I never thought I’d be turned on by two men having sex, but that was the hottest sex scene I’ve ever seen on television and it was between two guys. What the hell?’ I just retweeted something about someone going, ‘If they don’t wind up together at the end of the season, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.’

They become adorable, which I think is fascinating. They go from two kind of s–thead characters to adorable and ready to get a puppy and what have you. Zero’s a tough character. I mean he’s not really a dater. So I’m not really sure where that goes for Jude, but definitely that’s another thing that’s addressed in the finale. So if you’re a Zude fan, tune in.

The German/Ahsha/Derek Triangle

Photo Credit: VH1 Networks
Photo Credit: VH1 Networks

James: Funny enough, I got more…I’ll say ‘feedback’ in a nice way on Ahsha and Derek breaking up in the same episode that Jude and Zero hooked up in. I heard more about Derek and Ahsha. I think it’s amazing that people are as invested in them as they are. I would say…this is why it isn’t a movie. It’s a series. And so you just kind of have to keep watching because what happens one day might not be permanent. But listen, the same could be said of Ahsha and German.

I mean people who think that German didn’t exist…I mean the whole show started with Ahsha and German, him being very supportive. This season was all about sort of the script being flipped. You have Derek now as the boyfriend and Ahsha kind of…she wasn’t pining for German this season, certainly, but you can’t break up with someone after three and a half years and have absolutely nothing there. Especially because she didn’t break up with him. German broke up with her. So is Ahsha and Derek…are they the soulmates? Or is it Ahsha and German? That’s TBD, but I will say that Ahsha and Derek’s story line is not over for the season.

On Terrence’s injury

James: In the season finale, you definitely find out if the Devils take the title. I mean they have the finals in this last episode and there’s a lot of highs and a lot of lows in the finale. It’s extremely emotional. And like I said earlier, I don’t bring stuff up just for the sake of bringing it up. His injury was a really great way to bring him and Jelena back together, and so is he able to play? It’s just one of those things you just have to watch. But it’s been great. The injury has been really great to see how Jelena reacts to it and really shows that she’s an ultimately truly supportive girlfriend. And this ring is all Terence wants.

Pete and Raquel

James: What you’re seeing is a very desperate Raquel and what we have learned on this show is that people can make decisions that have much grander ramifications when their backs are against the wall. And when Chase (Vincent, played by Rick Fox) was exonerated at the beginning of this most recent episode, I mean you saw every character basically scurry. And now that the photographs have been placed on the desk, everyone is going to be looked at. You’re just going to have a lot of characters in very similar desperate situations. You’ll see Derek and Kyle. Derek who threw Jude away to pick up with Kyle. There’s a lot of sort of chess moves happening and they don’t always go smooth.

So who is Ahsha’s true soulmate? German or Derek? What is the supercouple name for Zero and Jude? Who do you think murdered Olivia? Share your thoughts below.

The season two finale for Hit the Floor airs Monday night at 9/8c on VH1.

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VH1 was able to pull one sneak peek from the finale. Here it is:

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  1. Ziggy

    All i want is more Zero x Jude. They care about each other and look really really hot as a couple!

    1. Tina Charles

      Right? I love those two so much! They were such a surprise this season. And I love that this show was able to do that.

  2. Keasha

    Olivia and her blackmail. German good move. Now that Lionel and Jelena got Reid of ahsha. For now!!!!! I just wonder how is this really going to back firer on them. I am thinking that cop will be found out. Before it’s all over people are going to lose the devil team. And others are going to inherited the team and take over. But I am getting ahead of my self. Tonight’s hit the floor was off the chain. 5 thumps up

    Just give me one teaser

  3. Jessica

    This show is FIYAH!!!! I cant wait for Season 3-
    Im Excited Bout Asha and German but Really German????
    He killed olivia i still cant believe that and zero and jude???
    Idk maybe. Wait till Asha hear about it. HIT THE FLOOR
    Is my all time favorite show from the very first season i never missed a show
    And season 3 is going to be off the freaking hook.
    This season had me on the edge of the bed

  4. Tinfany Esparza


    1. Tina Charles

      I know right? This hiatus is going to be looooong. Season three needs to get here quickly.

  5. Ashanti Miller

    i love this show like its just so AWESOME! they always have you like whats going to happen next and you just want to watch it again.I cant wait into season their its going to be awesome like im going crazy who would have know it was germen thats why i was always team Dersha I love you dereck. :0 🙂 : #thisiscrazy

    1. Tina Charles

      Thanks for the comment, Ashanti! And if you love Derek, then you’ll be happy to know that I recently did an interview with McKinley Freeman. Look for that here on TV Goodness in the near future.

  6. Wandeshelr

    i sooo love”hit the floor” and i hope that love wud continue in d nxt season bcoz Y wud German kill Olivia! (someone he ddnt evn know). OLIVIA’S EVIDENCE AGAINST ASHA BETTER HAS TO BE SO STRONG THAT IT WUD LEAD TO MURDER!!!
    also asha needs to makeup her mind abt derek/German coz she started out naive now shez jst been slutty….

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