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The Strain Cast Discuss Their Roles and the End of the Season Mayhem [Comic-Con 2014 VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Mary Powers/TV Goodness
Photo Credit: Mary Powers/TV Goodness

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Whenever you have a show like The Strain that is full of dangerous, disgusting creatures who are hell-bent on killing you and draining your blood, you begin wondering who will be able to survive this mess. And it’s not just the main characters, the ones out there on the front lines, fighting for humanity and basically for the survival of the human race. There are several other supporting characters on the show, most notably Dr. Goodweather’s wife and son, Kelly and Zach, who are just as important, especially since they are the ones closest and dearest to our hero’s heart.

At Comic-Con last Sunday afternoon, I was able to catch up with Natalie Brown (“Kelly Goodweather”) and Ben Hyland (“Zach Goodweather”) to chat about their roles on the show. When I asked Brown what she had to do to prepare for her role, she laughed and said the first thing was she had to cut her hair. Before she got the role, she had very long, curly hair, but that look wasn’t Guillermo del Toro’s vision for the character. Kelly is a soccer mom, a school teacher and very practical and so, that’s when it was decided that the bob hairstyle would be more appropriate. I also talked about whether we’ll see either of them vampire-out and while neither really could give anything away, Brown basically returned the question with another question, “Have you read the book?”  When I said that I had read book one, the look on her face hinted that there is some crazy crap on the horizon and that the series is most likely going to follow the source material for both of their characters. And if you are interested in when all of the mayhem will begin, it may be episode 10 because Natalie said that was her favorite.

I also had the chance to chat with executive producer and showrunner Carlton Cuse. Again, the question of how much the television series will follow the source material, and also the question of whether the characters’ fates will remain the same came up. Just like with Brown and Hyland, he couldn’t give any big spoilers away, but he emphatically stated that they are “mixing things up.”  The major plot points will remain true to the books, but the characters and their paths are all up in the air.

The Strain airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c on FX.

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