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The Following’s Cast and Producers Talk Season 3 [Comic-Con 2014 VIDEO] 


Warning: Spoilers Ahead

What can you expect in season 3 of FOX’s The Following? It’s a year later and Kevin Bacon‘s Ryan Hardy has returned to his hometown. He’s mostly keeping true to his promise to get out of the Joe Carroll business, but it’s a bit difficult to believe Ryan’s put his obsession to rest. The producers talked about there still being a bit of juice left in that storyline and it sounds like it was necessary to keep Joe alive to move the story forward. We’re willing to see where this ride takes us, so we’re not complaining. This season will be more of a return to season 1. Ryan’s a brilliant profiler and we’ll see him return to doing that work. Want more scoop? The actors and producers were a little cagey, but we did get some exciting information on what to expect from the new season.

Season 3 of The Following returns in Winter 2015.

Kevin Bacon and Shawn Ashmore

Jessica Stroup and Sam Underwood

Executive producers Marcos Siega and Jennifer Johnson

We started talking to the producers before I could hit record, so the beginning of this video is cut off. Never fear, I had audio back-up. We’d just started talking about finale and James Purefoy‘s Joe Carroll.

That alternate scene lived up to what you teased.

Marcos Siega: “Maybe. Yeah.”

It was very good.

Jennifer Johnson: “Those guys are very clever. Nobody knew what was going to happen until it aired – the cast, crew.”

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