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Teen Wolf “Orphaned” 

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

The final part of the dead pool is revealed, but this cypher key is different this time. The previous two keys were “Allison” and “Aiden,” but Stiles suggests that the third name is of someone who isn’t dead yet. Lydia is able to focus her Banshee power and type some letters on her computer’s keyboard. When she opens her eyes, the name “Derek” is revealed. Considering Derek’s been losing his power, I can’t say this is a surprise; he’s very vulnerable right now. But because Scott has vowed to save every single person on the list who’s still alive, I’m not that worried. I mean, I’m worried, but I think Scott will do anything and everything he can to make sure no one else dies.

I kind of like episodes like this where we get an information dump. Tonight we learned more about werewolves and what they can so. Satomi, for example, is one of the oldest werewolves. When Derek uses Malia to try and catch Satomi’s scent, he tells her it’s possible to differentiate between different types of smells. Some scents are tied to identity, others give off an emotion. Malia doesn’t have any luck sniffing her pack out, which is when Derek tells her it’s possible for a werewolf to mask its scent from anyone who might be looking. That’s why no one knew Brett or Demarco were werewolves. Worried that they’re running out of time, they decide to start thinking like Buddhists instead of werewolves,. They’re able to track her pack down to Beacon Hill’s eastern most landmark, Lookout Point. They find a lot of dead people, a wounded Braeden and no Satomi.

Kate is still having control issues. She’s trying to find The Benefactor and with the help of the Berserkers, she has no problem killing the assassins who won’t give her the information she seeks. But it’s not like they won’t tell her. It seems like they genuinely don’t know. What do we know about The Benefactor? Very little other than he’s the source of an income for these vigilantes. And although I’m not a Kate fan, I have to acknowledge that she may have a tiny bit of humanity left in her when she stops one of her hired hands from killing Chris. In a twist that we probably should’ve seen coming, Peter offers to teach Kate control. He doesn’t want money – although he admits it would be nice to get his fortune back. Instead he wants power.

Violet and Garrett are dead at the hands (or claws) of the Berserkers. I can’t say I’m that sad to see them gone considering they were trying to kill Scott and his pack. And I refuse to feel sorry for them because they were orphans. I do wonder how many more assassins will be drawn to Beacon Hills to try to get a payday. Whatever the number, Scott will be there to stop them.

The final third of the dead pool:

Satomi Ito 10
Malia Hale 4
Liam Dunbar 3
Meredith Walker 1
Liz Moore 1
Patrick Clark 1
Bree Leverett 250
Kaitlyn Schaar 250
Genevive Cary 250
Angelique Fain 250
Lorilee Rohr 250
Brittani Kegley 250

Random Questions:

When are we going to find out what Deputy Parrish is? He seemed genuinely surprised to be on the hit list and he doesn’t seem like the type to lie to Lydia and Stiles – although how well do we really know him? I love that he helps them get to Meredith though. Lydia thinks she may have pushed Meredith over the edge, but I think Meredith’s dead because of The Benefactor. Meredith may have known who he is and that’s dangerous information.

Did Kate steal some of the Hale fortune as well? How can she afford to pay the Berserkers? We know Kate was in the vault looking for the Triskelion, not the money. The Berserkers are loyal to those they collect an income from, although I guess it’s possible she’s paying them in another form of currency.

What do we think Scott’s going to do with that money? His little family is definitely strapped, but can he use that blood money to help pay the bills? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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  1. i

    **Malia Hale…. when is the $#it going to hit the fan over that?
    **Are they going to provide a tally of how many on the dead pool have already been killed?
    **How is Liam on the dead pool if he was turned after the list had been sent out? Does that mean that the list is updated?

    1. TV Goodness

      1. Right?! I got so excited when I saw that. Hopefully the gang will realize they’ve got to talk to Malia and to Peter. 2. Not sure about the total dead. We can probably work it out for ourselves based on everyone killed so far (although it’s easier when they do it). 3. I assume this is a fluid list because supernatural creatures are always emerging. It’s a great question though. Someone needs to ask Jeff Davis.

      1. i

        New question…. Where’s Peter’s name?

        Unless it’s the missing name on the second list…

  2. I

    I had a thought… Peter is the Benefactor and Danny is the last name on the second list…

  3. chris21

    “MALIA HALE” who knows she is Peter ‘s daughter ?

    the benefactor is really well informed.

    i am conviced that Gerard is involved , as Chris Argent had doubts about his sister’s death , i think his father knew the truth….and he should help her and pay the bersekers

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