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Comic-Con 2014: CBS’ Person of Interest [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 


Photo Credit: Mary Powers/TV Goodness
Photo Credit: Mary Powers/TV Goodness

Just like all other Person of Interest fans out there, I am so ready for September to get here. The season three finale really left all of the main characters hanging, with Samaritan coming online and forcing the entire team to take on new identities and go underground. Fortunately, we were able to catch up with the cast and cxecutive producer Greg Plageman at SDCC to get the latest scoop on what to expect going into season four.

Greg Plageman and Jim Caviezel were able to give us lots of good intel. For those who were expecting the team to crawl out from their holes immediately and resume life business-as-usual, nope it’s not going to happen like that. If any of them raises any red flags or have any brushes with law enforcement, that will get Samaritan’s attention, which could get them killed. So, they have to learn how to communicate and stay under the radar. And, yes, everyone, including Reese, have to take menial jobs in order to keep their cover and as Reese explained himself, that’s going to make for some really funny scenes at the beginning of the season. Plageman also discussed the season premiere, which he co-wrote and is titled “Panopticon,” and the significance of the episode title.

Sarah Shahi continued what Jim was talking about, laughing at some of the things she’s going to have to do in order to maintain her new identity. I mentioned how I could not see Shaw in suburbia as a soccer Mom baking cakes and Sarah piped in, “Ooooohh, you have no idea!” I think I may have stumbled on something! Amy Acker also discussed Root, how much the character has evolved and what is next for Root in this New World order in with Samaritan runs the show.

And, of course, the day would not be complete without Finch himself, Michael Emerson, and the team’s sidekick Kevin Chapman. Emerson chatted about what’s next for Finch now that everything pretty much has been taken from him and also explained why Finch still doesn’t regret not killing the Congressman (which did surprise me). And Kevin Chapman was his same bubbly, funny self, laughing about how even though the entire group is off the grid they’re still calling his office, but he was also very somber when talking about losing Carter and how Carter really changed his character.

So, are you all crazy excited for September to get here? Greg Plageman said this is going to be the season where “the empire strikes back.” And I can’t wait for it to start.

Person of Interest returns for season four on Tuesday, September 23rd at 10/9c on CBS.

Season 3 Highlight Reel and Season 4 Sneak Peek:


All photos credited to Mary Powers/TV Goodness.





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