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Comic-Con 2014: Archer’s Aisha Tyler Talks The CW’s Supernatural 

ARCHER -- Pictured: Aisha Tyler. CR. Patrick McElhenneyFX Network
Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenneyFX Network

We don’t know if you guys are aware but Aisha Tyler [Comedian, Actress, Talk Show Host, Avid Gamer] is a big Supernatural fan. And when we were in the press room for her FX series, Archer, she raved about the show, especially the Jeremy Carver era. She talked about Jared, Jensen and Misha as well as the potential ending of the series. She lit up when she talked about the show so much that it gave us an idea: we would like Tyler to guest star on an episode (or seven). Can Carver please make that happen? We’d appreciate it.

Archer will be back with season six in January 2015. Supernatural Season X starts Oct. 7 on the CW.

Want to know more about Aisha Tyler on FX’s Archer? Click here to see our coverage of the Comic-Con 2014 press room.

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  1. SnazzyO (@SnazzyO)

    This woman is AWESOME. I may watch Archer just because I love her. And she’s absolutely right on track with respect to Supernatural. I wish Jensen & Jared could get the recognition they deserve.

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