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Through the Wormhole Season Finale Preview: “When Did Time Begin?” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Mark DeLong/Science Channel
Photo Credit: Mark DeLong/Science Channel

What is the concept of time? When did “time” start? How was it measured before the creation of our universe? Is there a way to operate outside of time? Whatever the answers to these (and so many more) questions, we didn’t realize the end of season 5 would arrive quite this quickly.

“When Did Time Begin?” synopsis, from Science Channel:

We float along the river of time. But does that river have a source? Where did time come from? Some believe time and space is a single thing, and the Big Bang started the cosmic clock. Others believe the universe existed for almost half a million “years” before light could move and time began. Still others say time is older than our universe. But what if time itself is an illusion? Incredible new experiments may hold the answer. One groundbreaking experiment gives us the power to punch holes in time…and another may create a machine that operates outside time’s boundaries.

The season 5 finale of Through the Wormhole airs Wednesday, July 23rd at 10/9c on Science Channel.


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