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Teen Wolf “I.E.D.” 

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

What would Scott (and company) do if Lydia wasn’t part of his pack? He’d probably be dead already.

What we know: A cipher breaks the code that then reveals the names. But the list isn’t complete. We’ve only got a third of the names so far and Lydia isn’t sure what to do to get the next cipher revealed to her. But maybe what’s most interesting is the key that unlocked the first part of the list. It was “Allison.” I was wondering if and when she’d come up again. She’s still helping her pack, even in death.

Malia doesn’t understand why Lydia can’t just activate her banshee powers. But it’s not like that for Lydia. She doesn’t have claws, she had voices. And they’re not talking to her right now. It’s a good thing Meredith “heard” Lydia when she called, because there was no way they were getting into Eichen house to see her. Parrish brings her to the station after he finds her on the road. Sheriff Stilinkski is legally obligated to call the mental institution, but can give Lydia fifteen minutes with Meredith. But it isn’t Lydia who gets the key from Meredith, it’s Parrish. And with Malia’s help, they discover that the next key is “Aiden.” I’m sensing a theme here.

The Dead Pool, part 2:

Kate Argent 12
Noskiko Yukimura 5
Joanne McLaughlin 1
Steve Grace 1
Tom Hill 1
Brett Talbott 1
Richard Benefield 250
Jack Marsland 250
Joy Waldrop 250
Cheryl Calix 250
Jordan Parrish 5

Looking for a bigger payday Violet wants to go after Scott, but Garrett reminds her a pack of alphas came after him and Scott was the one left standing. So they target Liam instead. He’ll be easier to get and killing him still means a payday for them. We don’t know how much he’s worth though because he’s not on the third of the list Lydia just unlocked. But Brett, Liam’s former classmate, is and Violet wounds him to draw Scott to her. I’m not gonna lie. I was worried for a minute when Violet got that thermal cut wire around Scott’s neck. But he’s able to get out of it easily and knocks her unconscious.

Random Thoughts

  • Kate took something from Derek, a part of his past. He’s losing his sense of smell and his power.
  • I love that Deputy Parrish thinks Lydia’s just psychic. I guess he’ll find out soon enough that she’s more. And I love that he’s on the list too.
  • It’s a Mexican standoff, or as Araya says, it’s just a standoff where she comes from. She and Severo travel to Beacon Hills in search of Braden and also to remind Chris of the code: We hunt those who hunt us. So does that mean Scott and his pack are about to lose an important ally? I hope not.
  • I had to google Intermittent Explosive Disorder to see if it was a real thing. It’s kind of a perfect description for Liam – especially if Scott doesn’t teach him to control his anger – but it’s also a great descriptor of what may happen in Beacon Hills or Beacon county if the Nemeton keeps drawing supernatural creatures to the area. Either way, it’ll be exciting to watch.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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  1. I

    Ok second third of the list revealed by typing Aiden. Aiden and Allison were directly connected to Lydia. Both were killed by Onis. We know that the first list had 12 people. I only saw 11 on the second list. We can assume now that Malia, Liam, Peter, Meredith are either the twelveth on the second list or part of the third list. Could we also think to include Jackson, Isaac, Cora, Ethan?

    What kind of supernatural would Deputy Parrish be?

    1. Person

      Since Allison and Aiden were both close to Lydia and both part of the supernatural universe or whatever then Jackson could easily be the last key.Cuz so far we have a hunter and a wolf.see a pattern?We have to think about what kind of person they r.Jackson was a whatever so he could easily be a key name.Hunter,wolf,screw-up.(sry Jackson)This is just what I think.Close to Lydia and a big part in the supernatural world.And Parrish could be on the list cuz maybe he is a banchee and just doesn’t know it.Also I think that there needs to be another banchee.One banchee for each key.Parrish could esily be that third banchee without knowing it.

    2. Elisabeth

      My money’s on Boyd.

  2. Kwame

    I don’t think Liam is on the list. The list was made before he was bitten. I think that will play a big part of it.

  3. Diva

    Interesting that Deputy Parrish has the figure 5 by his name, possibly meaning 5 million? If so, he’s definitely not the run of the mill supernatural!

    1. TV Goodness

      Exactly! That’s a huge number. I can’t wait to find out what he is.

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