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Power “Who You With?” 

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Jamie continues to make plans to ensure that the club becomes even more successful, while Tommy and Holly hit the skids. Tasha is about to hit a major milestone, but can’t seem to get her husband interested in paying that much attention to her. Shawn visits his father in jail and Kanan wonders why his son doesn’t know more about the business. Nomar puts his life on the line to get the FBI some very valuable information.

Nomar Wears a Wire

He’s nervous, but no one’s giving him a choice. If the wire is discovered on Nomar, they assure him they can be at his location within thirty seconds. The problem? He’ll already be dead. But since he doesn’t have any other options, he goes along with their plan and is rewarded when Tommy shows up for a powwow with Ruiz. He finds out that the white guy is Ruiz’s distributor.

There are accusations on both sides, but the truth of the matter is that if Tommy and Ghost wanted Ruiz dead, he’d be dead. They do determine that Pink Sneakers hit them both and that they need to track her. Nomar manages to get Ruiz’s guys away from the closed-door meeting. He puts his wire right up to the door and is able to get some of their conversation – even though it’s distorted. But the FBI is able to clean it up enough for Angela to hear the name Ghost.

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Angie Is Trouble (But So Is Jamie)

Ghost and Angie meet up, but can’t even get their clothes off before Angie has to take a call from her father’s nursing home. Jamie offers to drive her to Forest Hills, an offer she gladly accepts. Angie manages to calm her father down, but he’s definitely showing signs of dementia. He can’t seem to remember that the guy he shared his room with has died. But he does remember Jamie. He may look different, but of course Angela’s father can see Jamie for what he really is – a punk from the corner.

After Ghost blows him off, Tommy calls Kantos to track his partner down. The second Josh tells him Ghost is in Forest HIlls, Tommy knows exactly who he’s with and which cafe to go to. Jamie isn’t pleased when Tommy shows, up, but Tommy is past caring. He puts on a show for Angie and makes a point to mention Tasha in front of her, which instantly kills the mood. After Tommy leaves, Angie decides she doesn’t want a ride back to the city from Jamie. In fact, she doesn’t want him to call her either.

After Kantos tells him they’ve got a meeting with Stern, Jamie shows up at Angie’s door. She doesn’t want to let him in until he tells her she’s the first – and only – person he wanted to share his news with. How can a girl resist that? She admits that she can’t hold herself back when she’s with in. Neither can Jamie, so I guess it’s good that they’re on the same page when it comes to that.

Tasha Turns 30

Jamie’s so caught up in Angie, that he doesn’t remember Tasha’s birthday is a few days away. He claims that she’d want to plan her own party anyway, which is why he didn’t do it. But he promises her the club and anything she wants. Tasha can tell her husband is distracted during her birthday performance, and it throws her. But it’s not until she’s trying to decline Shawn’s gift later that Tasha gets confirmation that her husband is seeing another woman. Tasha was wise to develop Shawn as her snitch because he’s probably the only person close to Ghost who would’ve shared that information with her.

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Holly and Tommy Were Made for Each Other

Holly warned Tommy not to lie to her, but when she finds his stash of cash she knows he’s not telling her the truth. Worried that his little visit to Ruiz might end his life, Tommy tries to get her on the phone before the meet. No dice. It’s only when he sees her at the club later – and she’s in trouble because Tasha has seen her earrings on Holly and accused her of being a thief – that Holly will even acknowledge his existence. Of course Tommy lies for her and when he tracks her down the next day tells Holly she owes him a conversation, at the very least.

Holly asks him again about his job and Tommy lies again. Knowing that Holly’s about to walk away for good, Tommy admits he’s a distributor. Top of the food chain. That’s all Holly asked from him – the truth. She calls herself  a f*cked up thief and him a crazy drug dealer and she thinks they just might be made for each other.

Power airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Starz.

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