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Through the Wormhole Preview: “Is There a Shadow Universe?” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Mark DeLong/Science Channel
Photo Credit: Mark DeLong/Science Channel

There’s so much in our universe that is unknowable. Through the Wormhole explores controversial topics and poses unconventional questions to get to the truth. Is poverty genetic? How do you crush a superpower? What is the real possibility of a zombie apocalypse? There are so many puzzles in our world that can be broken down and solved if we think about them in a different way. Let’s explore these mysteries together with Morgan Freeman as our guide.

“Is There a Shadow Universe?” synopsis, from Science Channel:

When we look up into the sky it appears we live in a universe that is filled with light. But scientists are now certain there is far more matter in the dark portions of our universe that we can’t see or touch.  There’s something hiding in the shadows. Cosmologists agree that “dark matter” has helped shape our Universe, but now they need to figure out what dark matter is. What’s going on in this hidden world? Could it have formed its own dark stars, planets and even life forms? Could this Shadow Universe threaten our world of light?

Through the Wormhole airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Science Channel.


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