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Power “I Gotta Go” 

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

One of the things I enjoy about this show is how Naturi Naughton‘s Tasha is constantly showing us just how smart she is. She uses the skills she has to get the information she feels she is owed. She sees and hears a lot and she’s well on her way to becoming a master manipulator – at least where Sinqua Walls‘ Shawn is concerned. I don’t know why I keep underestimating her. Maybe it’s because Ghost does at well. In “I Gotta Go,” Tasha proves once again that she knows a lot about what is and isn’t going on.

Before Ghost opened his nightclub it seems like Tasha and her husband had the type of relationship where they told each other everything. We found out quickly that Tasha knows all about Ghost’s drug business. She even got rid of Ghost’s bloody shirt and suggested a brutal way for Ghost to show his rivals that he means business. In return, she expects Ghost to talk to her and to confide in her. He no longer does and it’s making her wonder what Ghost is really up to. As she says to Tommy, the club is only a symptom. She wants to know what the real problem is.

She’s also fiercely protective of her family. Even though Rayna is only in the fifth grade, she encourages her daughter to go for the lead in her school’s production of Annie. When another little girl gets the part, the school administrator is quick to remind Tasha that lead parts usually don’t go to fifth graders. But Tasha knows for a fact that the lead in last year’s play was a fifth grader and she was white. Tasha’s determined to make this happen for her daughter – even though Ghost tells her to leave it alone. She knows a way to help Rayna get what they both want for her. It’s good thing Jamie is so flush with cash.

I do wonder how far she’ll take things with Shawn. Tasha knows he’s her best bet for intel on her husband since Shawn is his driver and is with him constantly. But Shawn isn’t a member of Jamie’s trusted inner circle yet. Jamie needs to know that Shawn has his back 100% and won’t allow him to become more involved in the business until Shawn proves himself. Shawn volunteers to take Ruiz out, but he’s too high-profile a target. He doesn’t want to have to explain to Kanan why his son is dead. But in order to move up in the organization Shawn needs to start looking the part. And Tasha certainly approves. She knows Shawn has a crush on her and she uses it to her advantage. As I said, Tasha is a very smart woman.

Other developments

Things aren’t going all that well with the federal investigation. Angela takes responsibility for getting the wrong information from Nomar. Frankie wants to know what excuse Saxe and Medina have for sitting outside his house while Anibal was murdered. If the reason he was killed is because Lobos isn’t happy, they can look into who the hitman might be. In order to do that they need to coordinate with the NYPD detective who’s working the case. Saxe calls Meredith Hanes a “power-tripping bitch,” but Angela thinks she can get her cooperation. Angela promises her federal resources to help her clear the case and that the NYPD will get all the credit if Meredith will help her track Nomar down.

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Jamie and Tommy think Ruiz is their problem so they hire the Jamaicans to take him out. But Pink Sneakers – dubbed the Pink Lady for this episode only – gets there before they can. She poses as a stripper at Ruiz’s party and offers him a private dance. Nomar’s at the party as well thanks to Angela and manages to get close to Ruiz with his exotic gift. So when he sees the Pink Lady leave in haste, he investigates. But she didn’t finish the job because Ruiz is still alive. I guess we’ll find out if that was intentional or not.

Tommy wants to bring Holly to dinner. He values Tasha’s opinion and wants to know what she thinks of his lady. When they arrive, Jamie is not happy to see that Tommy is dating an employee and he doesn’t try to hide it. When they talk shop later, things get very tense. In the meantime, Holly really seems to be enjoying all the pretty things Tasha has in her closet. She’s impressed by a $2000 handbag, but not because of the cost. She tells Tasha it’s a great gift because it proves Jamie loves her and was thinking of her when he bought it. Later, Holly is back in the closet and can’t help but steal a pair of earrings. We know she’s a klepto, so we’ll see if and when Tasha notices something’s been taken.

Holly can see Tommy’s upset when they leave. She tells Tommy they might seem like the Cosbys, but Jamie’s a cheater. She tells Tommy she saw Jamie having sex with someone in his office just the night before. Tommy doesn’t take the news well. I like that despite their current disagreements, Tommy still has Ghost’s back 100%. But Holly does a good job of calming Tommy down. I think she’s already got her hooks in him more than he realizes. We’ll see if Tommy’s willing to go against Ghost’s wishes and fight for that relationship.

Angie wants to know what she and Jamie are doing. Was their hookup a one time thing or are they starting something? Jamie tells her he’s making the choice to be with her, but she’s got a little bit of unfinished business. When Greg comes over as she’s getting ready to meet Jamie, she knows it’s time for a talk and she’s really smart about the way she handles it. She makes it seem like Greg is being unreasonable in his suspicions. She tells him she needs space at work. It can’t look like they’re sleeping together or that she granting special favors. Fed up with her behavior, Greg leaves his key behind. When she sees Jamie the next day, they’re both desperate for each other. I think this affair is going to consume them both, but for now they’re still able to do their jobs when called upon. I can’t wait until one of them finds what the other one really does for a living. It’s gonna be so good.

Random Tidbit:

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

I love that Victor Garber was in tonight’s episode. Jamie playing hardball got Cynthia to commit to having her parties at Truth. So Simon Stern comes to talk Jamie. He’s understandably pissed that Truth is encroaching on his business. Did we know Josh sexually harassed someone at his last job? Is that why he partnered with Jamie? Because he just needed someone with cash? Stern wants to know where Jamie came from, more about his background. But Josh isn’t talking – mostly because he doesn’t know.

Power airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Starz.

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  1. darci

    This show’s got a ways to go before it can compete with HBO shows, but it’s got a pretty good start so far. I like that a show set in the criminal world has such a smart, strong female character in Tasha – she’s smart, crafty, and able to keep her knowledge under the radar.

    On a side note I loved that they used “Ain’t No Party” by Rootbeer during Ruiz’s party at the strip club. I’m a huge fan of Pigeon John and Flynn Adam and this side project collaboration is great.

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