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Documentary Preview: Idris Elba: King of Speed [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: America
Photo Credit: America

We have a need, a need for speed. And Idris Elba. In this documentary series Elba embarks on an international driving tour taking him from his home in Hackney to the racetracks of America via the Scottish Highlands and the Arctic plains of Finland. As he travels the world, he will reveal the unexplored political, social and historical circumstances connecting the early stories of speed from the American prohibition era, to today’s driving culture. But it’s not all talk. Elba will learn the Japanese art of drifting – a sport spawned by illegal street racing, test drive an elite American NASCAR vehicle, ride in a vintage Ford V8 and, under the guidance of Britain’s “girl racer”Louise Cook, Elba will rally a Metro 6R4 – an off-roader so powerful it was banned for being too dangerous. By getting under the hood of these white-knuckle racing worlds, Elba uncovers a fresh and thrilling perspective on our relationship with speed. Experienced driving legends line up alongside new faces from modern-day racing, and together they will co-pilot Elba in his travels as he connects a variety of motoring worlds to their much broader cultural impact. A story packed with an incredible and unexpected history, it’s time to buckle up and take this ride with Elba.

Photo Credit: America
Photo Credit: America

Episode 1 synopsis, from BBC America:

Idris Elba takes pole position on the grid as he sets off on the drive of his life, in a revelatory, adrenaline-fueled documentary series about speed and driving fast. On his journey, Idris charts the colorful origins and secret history of the underground racing scene in the US – and sets out to examine how boy-racers and the love of speed have shaped the cars of today.

Episode one sees him travel from his childhood home in East London to Motor City in Detroit and on to New Jersey, where he reveals the history of the first boy racers and explores how our obsession with driving fast has shaped our professional motorsports and popular culture.

Idris Elba: King of Speed premieres Monday, July 14th at 10/9c on BBC America and airs for three weeks.


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