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Rectify Preview: “Donald the Normal” [PHOTOS and VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert
Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert

 Warning: Spoilers Ahead

It’s so nice to see Daniel back at home after a few tense days in an Atlanta hospital. He should be taking it easy – he had major head trauma and still has a few broken ribs – but he seems loathe to stay at home and play the victim. He’s ready to finally live his life and I commend him for that. And is it just me or does Daniel seem much more vocal about standing up for himself now? I wouldn’t say Amantha is a bully, but you’re certainly going to hear her opinion whether or not you want to. So I’m glad Daniel speaks up for himself and assures his sister that Bobby Dean hasn’t gotten away with anything. I wonder what that means, but as always, I’m willing to wait for all to be revealed. In “Donald the Normal,” it looks like Daniel’s little roadtrip takes him back to Atlanta.

“Donald The Normal” Synopsis, from Sundance TV:

Daniel enjoys a taste of anonymity in Atlanta; Amantha considers a depressing new plan; Teddy reaches out to an unlikely friend.

Rectify airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Sundance TV.



All photos courtesy of Tina Rowden/Sundance TV,  Quantrell Colbert/Sundance TV and Guy D’Alema/Sundance TV.

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