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TV Goodness Reports: Haven Season 5 Casting News 

Photo Credit: CTV/Bell Media
Photo Credit: CTV/Bell Media

[Warning: Spoilers for Haven‘s 5th season.]

Syfy’s keeping it in the family. Laura Mennell, who was a series regular on Alphas, and is now recurring on Motive (and is on Lifetime this weekend in Stolen from the Womb), has been announced for a recurring role on the upcoming season of Haven, which is currently shooting in Nova Scotia. Mennell will play Dr. Erin Reid, a CDC epidemiologist whose focus is investigating the diseases that plague mankind.

Syfy promises:

Dr. Reid is a force to be reckoned with, as Audrey, Nathan, and Duke quickly discover. Meanwhile, Dwight works overtime to keep the troubles hidden from her. When she unknowingly uncovers a genetic marker found only in Troubled people, the residents of Haven realize her discovery could lead to a scientific cure for the Troubles that plague the town.

Haven is expected to return this fall to Syfy, however Eric Balfour revealed on Twitter last week that the cast and crew will not be returning to SDCC next month.

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