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Revenge “Execution” 

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC

There was a short time I was worried that Revenge was getting a little stale but the last few episodes showed me I was wrong. In “Execution,” everything went up many, many notches and the season finale went out — not with a bang — but with something insane.  Here’s a recap and my thoughts. And if you haven’t watched the episode yet…stop reading and go watch it first…You finished?  Good. Because buckle up and here we go:

-Conrad’s bail hearing happens and he tries to say he was coerced into to confessing those things on the video.  But the judge is not buying it at all.  First of all, besides the video, he had just conveniently received a folder full of evidence. In light of everything, the David Clarke case was going to be reopened. To add insult to injury, Conrad is also going to be investigated in regards to Pascal’s death. As the courtroom goes crazy we see Emily is right there in the middle of it all.  Conrad’s lawyer highly suggests that Conrad take a plea deal but Conrad doesn’t give in. (Conrad, you might want to reconsider this!)

– Pascal’s body is sent back to France. Margaux, Daniel and Victoria escort the body to the plane. Of course, Daniel comforts Margaux who is really angry. She’s not the only one. Victoria vows to make Emily pay for her true love being deceased. (I mean really, Victoria?  Was he really the love of your life?)

-Daniel is made the second in command behind Margaux at the company. And low and behold, Margaux’s brother, Gideon, shows up. I could tell this guy was trouble from the moment he appeared on screen. Nolan meets up with Gideon and they discuss MyClone and that they are going to work together to bring Daniel and Margaux down. Wow, every man in Margaux’s life sucks. Except Jack who she let go because she is too dense in this department. Later, as Daniel thinks he is getting the goods on Gideon at a bar, Gideon tells him that he is probably going to start his own firm. And they keep on drinking…

-Victoria confirms that the woman that said she was Amanda Clarke is in no way related to David Clarke. In a flashback we see David Clarke telling his daughter about his ring and it would be hers one day. He also talked about the cabin his father had that they would go visit soon. In the present, Emily realizes that the cabin where Jack found her father’s ring could have been her father’s place. She goes to check it out. When she gets there she is attacked by the stranger that lurked around when Charlotte and Jack went. They get into a very physical fight. She looks down and sees that he has stuck her with a syringe.

-Emily realizes that it is her father’s cabin and that the guy in the cabin was working for Victoria. She knows that Victoria is figuring out who she is. Aiden goes to see Michelle Banks, the shrink that Victoria used to try and make Amanda believe her father was bad. But unfortunately for Aiden Victoria got to Dr. Banks first. In the tea that Dr. Banks gave Aiden is a drug that paralyzed him. He tries to choke Victoria out but is overtaken by the drug. Victoria smothers him and kills him! (RIP Aiden)

-As Emily walks into Jack’s bar, she makes him turn on the TV.  It is announced on the news that David Clarke has been declared innocent.  She is so happy that she goes to share the news with Aiden at her home.  She walks in and Aiden’s dead body is sitting on the couch and she becomes hysterical.  Even Nolan can’t help her when he finds her later.  Jack and Nolan are worried about what Emily will do in her state of mind.

-Emily is now really angry and she first goes to Michelle Banks and shows her video tape of Emily as a youngster and Dr. Banks is trying to brainwash her. Michelle is sorry but it’s not enough for Emily. There is no explanation of what happens to the corrupt doctor, but I only can imagine.

-Emily goes to Charlotte and tries to convince her to move David Clarke’s body for safety measures but Charlotte says no and they don’t leave on good terms. Victoria asks Charlotte why Emily was at the house and Charlotte despises her as much as her mother but tells her anyway.

-Meanwhile Daniel wakes up in a bed after his night out with Gideon. Margaux calls him and he tells her Gideon is planning to open his own firm and they have nothing to worry about.  Margaux says he will come and meet Daniel. Then the camera pans over and on the bed next to Daniel is a naked girl who was at the club the night before. She is dead with blood coming from her nose.  How is he going to explain this one?

-Meanwhile Gideon shows Nolan a picture of the dead girl next to Daniel in the bed. Nolan doesn’t like this. Gideon said she overdid it with the coke and she overdosed. They have Daniel right where they want him. Nolan is experiencing some regrets. Clearly Gideon is a lot smarter and a lot more evil then his sister Margaux knows.  

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC

-Emily shovels a grave next to her father’s and Amanda’s.  She knows Victoria is there and calls her out. They have a war of words and Victoria threatens her and tells her the police are coming to stop her from digging her father’s grave. Emily tells Victoria that she’s not digging her father’s grave and then knocks her out with a shovel. (That must of have felt great to Emily!)

-Conrad is not liked in prison. A guard tries to kill him but is stopped. Conrad is praying in the chapel saying he wants to die when the guard who tried to kill him approaches him and tells him he will help him escape. This involves Conrad wearing some priestly garb and making his getaway.

-Conrad thinks he is getting away scott free and he is singing down the road. A van pulls up and someone, who I first thought was Emily comes out of the shadows and Conrad says, “You!”  And lo and behold it’s David Clarke! I kept having this discussion with people saying what if he is really alive? And guess what, I was right. But what is Emily going to do when she finds out? Meanwhile David stabs Conrad and leaves him for dead on the road. (Karma really is a bitch)

-Charlotte starts to realize Jack might have had something to do with her kidnapping. (He freed her!) The police come and pick him up outside the bar. Poor Jack! The guy deserves some kind of break. Emily has got to bust him out next season.

-Meanwhile Victoria wakes up groggy and strapped to a bed with Emily next to her. She has been put in an asylum the way Emily was locked up as a child. She has used Dr. Banks to help put Victoria away as the new patient is yelling a bunch of stuff that is actually true. With that, it looks like Emily has her Revenge.

So to recap: 3 deaths (2 murders — that is, if Conrad truly is dead), a resurrection, one trip to the police station, several traps/set-ups and I am really losing count.  Where has David Clarke been all this time?  Did Nolan know he was alive?  What is Emily going to do when she finds out that the man she has been getting revenge for is really alive?  Is Margaux going to wake up and smell the coffee about Daniel and her brother? Are Jack and Emily going to finally end up together now that Aiden’s dead? (Too soon?)  Will Charlotte get a clue? There are too many questions and too many months ’til we find out anything. See you for Season 4! 

Revenge will be back in the fall for season four on ABC.

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  1. Heather M

    Aiden on the couch was the same level of creepy as Angel leaving Miss Calendar’s body in Giles’ bed in the “Innocence” episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I kind of hope we find out who helped Victoria get him to the beach house because we know she didn’t hike him over there on her own.

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