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Tyrion’s Trial, Game of Thrones “The Laws of Gods and Men” 

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

You have to admit, the evidence certainly does seem to be piling up again the dwarf. We know who is really guilty of murdering the boy king and we know why. So why is it so important for Tyrion to go down for his murder? He’s a very convenient target. He’s got a lot of enemies and no real allies – at least no one who is willing to stand up for him in public. Tyrion’s father has never forgiven him for murdering Tyrion’s mother with his birth. But his endgame in this particular intrigue becomes clear when he extracts that promise from Jaime. You can accuse Tywin Lannister of many things, but you can never call him stupid. He’s always looking for an advantage and he always finds one.

Cersei thinks Tyrion guilty because of a promise he made to her, that he’d hurt her. That a day would come when her ” joy will turn to ashes” in her mouth. I know she and Tyrion have always had a difficult relationship, but I struggle to believe that a sister could think her own brother capable of something like this. Even a sister like Cersei. But that’s me and we’ve certainly seen worse on this show. Only when I think of what Cersei herself is capable of and has done do I think that maybe she thinks Tyrion can hurt her in this way. It’s sad when you suspect your own flesh and blood of something so horrible. But the Lannisters are that kind of family.

But Shae was the last straw. Tyrion seemed to be willing to sit there and take it (for the most part). But the fact that they could get Shae to turn on him was more than he could bear. It was difficult for to me watch, to be honest. We know he sent her away to keep her safe. She might know that. She might not. We can’t know her motivation for turning on him (it might be in the books, but I will not now or ever be reading them). Maybe she was threatened with death. Maybe she was enticed with money. Whatever the reason, it’s what makes Tyrion turn back into the man we know and love.

Once Tyrion realizes he’ll get no justice in this trial he confession, but not to the crime he’s been accused of. People will always be afraid of what they don’t understand and Tyrion is someone they will never be able to fathom. He can be careless and rude and rash, but he’s also intelligent and wily and calculating. I love that he demanded a trial by combat, even though Jaime told him exactly how to get out of this predicament alive. I love that Jaime was willing to sacrifice himself (in a way) for his brother.  I mean, I guess I didn’t really expect Tyrion to let Jaime help him. Not when it’s to his advantage to make a spectacle. Not when he can tell people exactly what he thinks of them. Not when he can thumb his nose at his father and the rest of his family in such a public way.

Tyrion Lannister has always been one of my favorite characters on the show. Maybe he isn’t as noble or as feared or as respected as some other people, but he’s certainly one of a kind. If I could pledge my fealty to anyone on this show it would be to him. And also Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen. But mostly Tyrion. Maybe he deserves a shot at The Iron Throne. Wouldn’t that be something?

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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