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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: John and Astrid…on the Rooftop, The Tomorrow People “Son of Man” 

Son Of Man
Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW


WARNING: Spoilers for finale

Ok, before I get to my monumental Moment of Goodness, let’s talk about the entire Tomorrow People finale…what I loved and what I didn’t love.

What I loved

  • John and Astrid (more on that later)
  • Stephen saving the world. And Cara. Me thinks Stephen may end up being too powerful. Nobody should be that powerful.
  • The Founder being sucked into the machine’s vortex and sent to limbo (or wherever it takes him)
  • I am surprisingly okay with Stephen becoming the new leader of the Tomorrow People (well, co-leader, because Cara’s not one to sit back and let other people have all the fun).
  • And I am actually okay with Cara and Stephen getting closer again. Well, that’s what it seems like anyway.
  • Mark Pellegrino, I am not worthy, sir. He made me feel for him when he was forced to shoot his brother. Losing Roger especially like that was heartbreaking.
  • Jedikiah and John scenes. Clearly the show knows how good Pellegrino and Luke Mitchell are in scenes together. Because the way this episode ended and what it means for next season? They will have more quality time. I know that will come at the expense of my favorite couple (John and Astrid) but those two are due to overcome some serious obstacles in order to be together anyway.
  • I really liked the Stephen/Founder fight scene where the two used their powers. At times it came off a little bit cheesy but I still enjoyed it.
  • Just when I think Jedikiah is on our side, he goes and turns into a megalomaniac again. Seriously, this guy gives me a major case of whiplash but I’m totally okay with it. Poor John. As much as I did dig the cleaned up look of his, he has no idea who Cara is. That means he probably has no idea who Astrid is. That Jedikiah is a bad, bad man (deliciously bad).

What I didn’t love

  • Stephen’s mom and brother being out of town. I would have loved to have seen one more scene between Stephen’s parents. They had so much chemistry when they recently sparred. You really saw why they were made for each other. I wanted to see them have a little bit of happiness even though I totally knew there was no way Roger was going to be able to remain a part of this landscape. Speaking of which…
  • Roger dying. It kind of crushed me. He had such a horrible life at the end there. Unable to be with his family for so long…sold out to the Founder by his fellow Tomorrow People…sacrificed himself (well, with the help of Jedikiah) so no humans would perish. And yet, by the time he died, it was too late. The machine held his power. But now, he lives on in Stephen (the extra power he got from the machine) and he lives on in John. But, ultimately, I hate that we had to say goodbye to Jeffrey Pierce.
  • This might be a bit of an unpopular opinion. But the show has ruined Russell for me. I love the actor and for most of the season I really enjoyed what the character brought to the table. But once he helped Natalie sell out Stephen’s father, I was done. By the end of the finale, it seemed like he and Stephen had made up. And I don’t care if Russell saved Cara. He helped lead Stephen’s dad to his death. He allied himself with that Natalie. Nope. I am done.
  • I haven’t been on board with Natalie either because the character just came out of nowhere. But I will judge again next season (see that? I’m thinking optimistically here). If she’s an out and out villain next season, I may be okay with her.

Needless to say, what I loved about this finale far outweighed what I didn’t love. It took a few episodes for this series to really hook me but once it did, it hooked me big time. I am hoping the CW will see how the show improved from series premiere to season finale. Cast chemistry is essential and this cast has it. And, really, I do not want to find out what life is like without John and Astrid and John and Jedikiah in it. Plus, just when it seemed like we were going to get a series finale-ish type ending, the show did what it does best. It closed strong. It reset the series and made me want a season two BADLY. So, come on, CW. Renew, renew, renew. Pretty please?


Photo Credit: The CW
Image Credit: The CW

Okay, my Moment of Goodness comes courtesy of John and Astrid. They are THE cutest.

Photo Credit: The CW
Image Credit: The CW

I love these two and even though HumanJohn didn’t last, I loved what we did get. That kiss on the rooftop in the face of human extinction was my absolute favorite scene of the episode.

Image Credit: The CW
Image Credit: The CW

These two make me smile. The fact they were frozen in time mid-kiss was simply perfection.

Image Credit: The CW
Image Credit: The CW

I want to thank the writers/producers for giving in to the greatness of John and Astrid. And if it doesn’t last, I’m going to be upset. I would like to see these two fight to be together again. As it is, I’m thankful that the show went there with these two. I wasn’t sure if they would.

Would you like to see The Tomorrow People return for a second season? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. darci

    So bummed they cancelled this show. I really think it was just starting to hit it’s stride, I hate how the pressure to get instant ratings and advertising $ makes networks impatient. Seinfeld and Bob’s Burgers are both great examples of wonderful shows that took awhile to find themselves, imagine if those had been cancelled after just one season. Anyway, I digress.

    The final episode may have been the best of the whole season, I for one thought that although it started shaky, they were getting better each week. Great mix of plot twists, dramatic tension and action – one of the best scenes was when Stephen rescues John, Cara, and Astrid from a rogue breakout (side note: Loved the song during this scene, “Stone By Stone” by Kris Orlowski).

    They also really setup the next season so well, it’s just such a shame. I especially like where they were taking John’s character – ugh I wish they could’ve at least wrapped up this story instead of leaving it open-ended. I wonder what the chances are of a one-off extended episode or special…

    1. Tina Charles

      I totally agree. This is one of the shows that I’m crushed over its cancellation. I thought the series was much improved from the beginning of the season. And I really wanted to see what was going to happen in season two. I guess we’ll just have to forget about those last couple of minutes of season two set-up. Before that it really did feel like it was a show that had a beginning, a middle and an end. It was such a good series finale.

      But this cancellation hurt for sure. I’m still upset about it.

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