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Arrow Conversation: Laurel Steps up in “City of Blood” 

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? If you know someone is a superhero but they don’t know you know, does it still count? Well, fortunately we don’t have to worry about that anymore. After Ollie goes AWOL before his mother’s funeral, Laurel tracks him down with the help of Diggle and Felicity and ultimately reveals that she knows his superhero secret.


 Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/The CW
Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/The CW



I’ll admit, I’ve had trouble with Laurel in the past and often wondered her purpose. First she was the girlfriend and then the sister, but in the back half of this season, I feel like she’s been so wrapped up in her own personal problems that her involvement in the bigger story-line has fell by the wayside. So when she finally showed up in the lair, I feared her presence would just be another irrelevant blip in the story. Fortunately, I was wrong. After a heart-to-heart where Oliver reveals he is done fighting Slade and plans to sacrifice himself in order to protect the ones he loves, Laurel finally steps up to the plate and delivers a home run.

Laurel: I don’t know anything about hoods and masks or human weapons or any of this, but I know you. I know you like I know my own name and I realize it may sound crazy in light of your secret, but I know who you are in your bones, Oliver. And that person, that person doesn’t give up. That person, he always finds a way.
Oliver: Not this time.
Laurel: You’re wrong. You want to protect the people that you love? Then the only way to do that is to stop Slade Wilson.

This, combined with her new-found intel on Sebastian Blood, is ultimately what Oliver needs to shake off his defeatist attitude. And since Oliver was the one so give her a serious dose of reality a few weeks back, I’m glad that she was able to step up and do the same for him. After all, she has known him longer and better than most of the other characters and it was she who always saw the good in him, even when it was hidden behind his rich playboy exterior. Therefore, despite all the other pleas, it was she who finally pointed him in a new direction.


 Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/The CW
Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/The CW


I’m not completely convinced that Oliver has regained his original determination, but I think being able to set his sights on Blood instead of Slade has given him a chance to face an easier opponent and hopefully rebuild his confidence. That being said, with a herd of Mirakuru soldiers taking over the streets, the police precinct and the train station, this battle to the end is sure to be anything but easy.

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