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Revenge “Revolution” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

So some stuff happened on last night’s episode. (That’s putting it mildly) Victoria went on quite the rollercoaster ride of emotions. Here’s what we know:

-As Victoria tries to figure out what Emily is up to, Pascal proposes to her and she accepts. Of course Conrad comes over and rains on Victoria’s parade and tells her that Pascal killed Oscar Chapman.

-Meanwhile Conrad threatened Aiden saying that if he doesn’t “take care” of Pascal in the next 24 hours he is going to tell Pascal who Aiden really is. Go for it Conrad, Aiden will win this.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC


-Emily decides they have to take a new step. Aiden, Emily and Nolan kidnap Pascal and bring him to a warehouse with a pretend interrogation room and Emily reveals herself to Pascal as Homeland Security Agent, Rebecca Stone. (Just what she needs, another personality!) She basically says he has to tell her everything she knows about the Graysons since she’s been building a case against them for the last three years. Of course he isn’t very forthcoming and asks for a lawyer. But Emily plays the Patriot Act card so Pascal remains sans lawyer.

-Emily takes Pascal’s phone and there is nothing on there to implicate him or the Graysons in the plane bombing. Emily wants Pascal to wear a wire to the launch party for MyClone and get the goods on the Graysons. She says something about Margaux and that makes Pascal agree to it but he will only go after Conrad not Victoria. (That’s better than nothing.)

-When Pascal goes back to Grayson Manor he tells Victoria he wants to go to France right after the launch party. He doesn’t mention a word about the meeting he just came from. Of course Victoria can sense something is not right with him. So she decides to snoop while Pascal’s taking a shower. In his jacket, she finds a card with a number on it. She calls it and finds out it’s Homeland Security. She freaks out and tells Daniel that Pascal went to the Feds. Daniel assures his mother that Pascal wouldn’t betray her. You know who does betray her? Daniel. He goes and tells his father what’s up. Like Father, Like Son!

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

-Charlotte receives a letter that looks like it is from her real dad, David Clarke. She shows Victoria who says it’s someone playing a very mean joke. Charlotte goes to Jack because she still isn’t sure. He agrees to help her so he enlists Nolan to find out where the letter originated. It ends up being some cabin in the middle of nowhere. Jack and Charlotte heads to the cabin and it seems to be that someone lives there. Jack finds a ring with the initials DC and takes it but doesn’t tell Charlotte about it. When they leave, a guy comes in and we don’t know who he is. (duh, duh, daaaaaa)

-Slimy Daniel (fits doesn’t it?), convinces Margaux to get it in writing from her father that she will be the next CEO of the company. Pascal agrees and also makes the announcement at the MyClone event.

-As Javier is introduced and starts to show his creation, something goes very wrong. (Well you knew that was going to happen!)  Thanks to Nolan everything went haywire and Daniel fires Javier because they owned the rights to the program now.  (Javier, you should have listened to Nolan)

-Meanwhile, Emily and Nolan watch as Conrad and Pascal start walking away, this is the moment that Emily is supposed to nail Conrad. But they go the wrong way and Emily races to get up to the rooftop. Victoria also sees Conrad and Pascal and follows them.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

-As Pascal and Conrad get to the rooftop, Pascal tries to get Conrad to spill about what he had done while Conrad’s helicopter is on standby. Right when Emily gets there (not seen by anyone) she sees Conrad push Pascal into the moving helicopter propellers and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

-Emily runs away from the scene as Victoria runs in and sees what has happened. She completely freaks out. She knows Conrad pushed him. But Conrad and the pilot both said that Pascal “fell” into the propeller.

-Margaux is a wreck after her father’s death. She just felt that she finally had begun a new relationship with her father. Of course Daniel reminds her that she is now the CEO of the company. (What a guy!)

-Daniel goes to check on his mother and she asks him if she told Conrad about Pascal and the Feds.  He denies it of course. (He’s officially his father’s son)  She wonders if the Feds were really onto Pascal because she didn’t understand where they were since his death.  She calls the number that Pascal had and it is now disconnected.

-Charlotte and Jack are at the bar when we see that the man that was at the cabin is watching them from the window. While Charlotte takes a stroll on the beach she is grabbed and kidnapped.

Next week will we find out who this mystery person is that kidnapped Charlotte? Is it someone close to David Clarke? Is David Clarke alive? What will Victoria do now that she is again a woman scorned? See you next time….

Revenge airs Sunday at 10:00pm on ABC.

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