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Dancing with the Stars “Season 18 Week 7” aka Latin Night 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Ah, yes….Latin Night and how appropriate was it to start out with the guest judge, Ricky Martin, singing and performing with the professional dancers. This was the first time this season the couples would have to perform two dances; a dance with their partner and a team dance. (I love the team dances!)  Also there were a lot of injuries.  I’m not kidding.

The first three couples were told if they were safe or in jeopardy:

Danica & Val – Safe
James & Peta – In Jeopardy
Amy & Derek – Safe

Let’s see how everyone did:

Amy Purdy and Derek Hough: 

Dance:  Rhumba

  • Amy apparently was having issues in her personal life with her boyfriend. Because of that it was tough for her during rehearsals since this is a sensual dance aka the dance of love. Derek did everything to cheer her up. It is clear the slower dances are much harder for her.

Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 9- Len, 9- Ricky, 9-Bruno; Total: 36

Voting number: 800-868-3410

James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd:  

Dance: Samba

  • Dear James and Peta:  Not to be crass but the two of you together are sex on a stick. Just saying. I don’t have to say anything else.

Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 9- Ricky, 9-Bruno; Total: 35

Voting number: 800-868-3402

Danica McKellar and Valentin Chmerkovskiy: 

Dance:  Salsa

  • Poor Danica broke a rib during rehearsal but she danced and did well. Yes, you could see that she was holding back a little bit but most people would not be dancing on live television with a broken rib.

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 9- Ricky, 8-Bruno; Total: 33

Voting number: 800-868-3403

Amy injured herself and was having back spasms so she was taken to the hospital. Her team dance would be judged by their dress rehearsal performance. Hope she feels better.  

The other four couples found out if they were safe or in jeopardy:

Candace & Mark – Safe
Charlie & Sharna – in jeopardy
Nene & Tony – in jeopardy. 

Nene and Tony got to go first.

Nene Leakes and Tony Dovolani  

Dance:  Argentine Tango

  • She came out powerful. But I have to agree with the judges that once they were doing the more technical stuff it seemed a little off, but she is Nene and can do no wrong to me!

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 7- Len, 8- Ricky, 8-Bruno; Total: 31

Voting number: 800-868-3401

Charlie White and Sharna Burgess: 

Dance:  Paso doble

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
  • Charlie is a true competitor. He wants 10’s so bad. The guy is an excellent dancer but something happened with his knee during the routine, even though he kept going. (It’s insane how many injuries happened this week!) He did a great job (Ricky Martin certainly thought so!).


Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 10- Ricky, 9-Bruno; Total: 36

Voting number: 800-868-3412

Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas 

Dance:  Argentine Tango

  • Apparently Candace has been blanking out during camera rehearsal and the live shows so what can Mark do?  He took her to a Sport Psychologist. I feel bad that she feels she has to be perfect but didn’t it feel like they were in couples counseling? It was strange. She got all the moves but I almost feel that there was a little bit of something missing. I don’t know if it’s a connection or what but the girl has the moves she just needs to relax a bit.

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 9- Len, 9-Ricky, 9-Bruno; Total: 35

Voting number: 800-868-3407

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy:  

Dance: Salsa

  • These two are so good together. And they brought in some other dancers and Meryl was toe to toe with them. I agree with Len that they don’t need anybody else but it was fabulous!

Score: 10-Carrie Ann, 9- Len, 10- Ricky, 10-Bruno; Total: 39

Voting number: 800-868-3406

Team Dances:

Team captains were Meryl and Charlie since they had the highest scores so far this season. The first team up:

Team Vida:

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Charlie & Sharna, James & Peta and Nene & Tony – They did their dance live and it wasn’t totally cohesive but still fun.  All three couples on this team were the ones in jeopardy.

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 10- Ricky, 9-Bruno; Total: 35

Team Loca:

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Meryl & Maks, Danica & Val, Amy & Derek and Candace & Mark- Because of Amy’s injury, the judges based their scores off of the dress rehearsal and it sure didn’t matter because they won! Derek’s streak of not losing a team dance is still alive.

Score: 10-Carrie Ann, 9- Len, 10- Ricky, 10-Bruno; Total: 39

So who goes home? It came down to Nene & Tony, Peta & James and Charlie & Sharna. The first couple safe was Charlie & Sharna. So it came down to Nene & Tony and James & Peta.

It was Nene’s time to go. I love my gal and she did great but it was her time! She will be missed but back for the season finale!

My favorite quotes of the evening:

Erin: “I’m engaged. Not engaged but engaged.”

Amy: “I don’t really know until we are doing it.”

Peta:  “We have to have a lot going on down there.”
James: “And this is allowed on ABC? Got to love good family fun.”

Bruno: “I think I need to book a full service. They blow my spark plugs, they really have…..That was filthy, that was dirty and I loved it!”

Len: “I think Peta you were a little overdressed.”

Tom: “By the way you just may have witnessed when social media had jumped the shark.”

Tom: “So we’ve got back spasms, broken ribs, bum knees; it’s like Grey’s Anatomy in here.”

Bruno: “That girl, she bangs.”

Erin:  “And helping you find your dirty place.”

Carrie Ann: “I’m waiting for my friend to boo.”

Ricky Martin: “Mad respect.”

Next week’s guest judge: Abby Lee Miller from “Dance Moms.”  I can’t lie, I’m a little scared. She’s kind of scary. See you next week.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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