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Moment of Goodness

The Following Conversation: [Spoiler] is Silenced For Good in “Silence” 

She’s dead! Or wait, no she’s not. Oh yes, she is. Or is she?

Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/FOX
Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/FOX

First she was stabbed. Then she fell out a two-story window on to concrete. You think that’d be enough to keep someone down, but no, not Emma. It took a stake to the heart to finish her off and give her a final prolonged shot of silence. To me, this was clearly a tribute and formal goodbye to the character, but with this show, you never know.

That being said, I will admit that I’m surprised it was Emma who bit the bullet. Obviously everyone on this show is expendable, but with so many viable new candidates this season (Luke, Mark, Carrie, Gina, Max), I didn’t expect it to be Joe’s right-hand (wo)man who went down. But, its those unexpected moments that make me love this show.


Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/FOX
Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/FOX


And the fact that Claire got to be the one to take her down made it all the more satisfying. She lived in Claire’s house, she gained her trust, she watched over her son, she kidnapped her son, she killed in the name of her husband…so who more appropriate to commit the final act than Claire? Their final battle may have taken place in the dark, but Emma’s last words were more than illuminating.

Emma: Its over, Claire. Come out. I promise I’ll make it quick. Its my turn now, Claire. You had your chance with Joe. You’re not good for him. You cause him to question himself. I can’t have that. I know you must hate me, but I want you to know I am so very grateful to you Claire. I spent two years of my life with you, we had a family together, more than I ever had with my own mother. Come on Claire, it’s over!!

While we may be able to recognize that Emma’s visions of the future are merely delusions, you also can’t blame her for thinking her years of undying dedication to Joe (during which he continued to string her along) would surmount to something. And it was in this, her final episode, that he appeared to acknowledge her true importance and place in his ultimate mission.

Joe: Everything is so different now. I’m no longer blinded with the love I thought I had for Claire. I am utterly devoted to you. When all this is over and we are dead and immortalized for all eternity, the world will look to you and know the woman behind the man was you. And it will always always be you.

I don’t believe for one second that Joe was being genuine. His smile at the end was a tell-tale sign that he was only saying these things to coax her to continue. She’s always wanted to be Joe’s girl but now as the big show approaches, her need for reassurance is greater than ever.

Ultimately, I think she believed Joe, but I also think that this caused her to momentarily stop and question the direction in which they’re heading. She’s always been pro-Joe.  No fear of killing. Of fighting. Of lying. Of manipulating. When in Joe’s presence, we’ve rarely seen her weak and when we did, it was only because her hunger to fight and continue on was being quelled. But as we see her in the car with Robert, it’s clear that doubt it slowly creeping in. Robert doesn’t know what they’re suppose to do next and neither does she. She’s once again at Joe’s mercy, left to wait for his instructions.


Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/FOX
Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/FOX


I think this is a large part of why she tried to command the situation and take control in to her own hands when she and Robert finally captured Claire. Nevertheless, back in the car, Emma gave us an insight of how she sees death and ultimately also gives us insight in to what she may want from life.

Emma: Silence. There’s no more talking. No more running. No more lying or fighting or killing. I think it all just stops. It gets really quiet. And there’s only silence. At least I hope that’s what it is.

And before the night was over, she found her silence.

Be sure to watch the season finale of The Following Monday at 9/8c on Fox.

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